Can you help me set up PocketMine on a Raspberry Pi? Can it create its own wifi network?

I would like to set up PocketMine-MP on a Rasperberry Pi so my kid and his friends can connect to it on their mobile devices (Android tablets, especially Amazon Fire Tablets).

Can you help and quote me how much it might cost? Please PM me or post any questions you might have here.

Below are links I have found about PocketMine (the server for Minecraft Pocket Edition), Raspberry Pi 3 in Taiwan, and how one might set it up.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard on Amazon

My friend in Thailand will help me set this up :slight_smile:

We are starting with this: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a power adapter and a case

My friend will set up MCPE server on an SD card and then send me the disc image for me to place on my own SD card. Cross your fingers! :crossed_fingers:

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I made a RetroPie for my kids.
Works great.


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