Can you help me to understand these subtitles?


My wife wants to take me to see a movie called “我的少女時代”. I’ve found a trailer on YouTube but one of the English subtitles is confusing me. The Chinese subtitle is “瓦仔” and the English is simply “NB”. Does anyone know what either of these mean? The “瓦仔” sounds like it could be Taiwanese for “I don’t know”.

Here’s a link to the video at the correct spot I’m referring to:


didn’t see the movie, but judging from the context, 瓦仔 sounds like the Cantonese pronunciation for 華仔, referring to Andy Lau (劉德華), and maybe ND is a short for Andy.

Looks like a Andy Lau keyring so I’d concur. TBH I’d rather stab out my eyes with a blunt stick than watch that rubbish. I’ve met earthworms with more acting talent.

Seems to refer to a dog in the movie

I think the characters above are from Taiwanese . ’ wa sai’ meaning ‘what the hell?’’

Now you have learned about 30% of my Taiwanese lol.

pS when in doubt just pump the characters through Google to get more referencesz

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]Seems to refer to a dog in the movie[/quote]

It could be referring to either the dog or the superstar from Hong Kong. I’ll report back next week when I’ve seen the movie.