Can you identify this bug?

I found this bug in my bedroom. Looks like a mini white shrimp or something. Was hard to take a picture of it but I hope the quality is good enough.

Dude, get out of there now. Just run. I’ll explain later, there’s no time


im joking. cool bug

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Termite? You need to take a clearer picture.

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Not sure what they are, but they seem to eat books. I usually uncover one or two during cleanups.

It’s clearly an AIDS bed bug. Hire a professional. I mean a pest control one, not…


I think so, yeah. Silverfish.


Best my iphone could do.

Okay, that room has a lot of books.

Could they be dangerous to cats at all? My cats sleep there

I found one of these yesterday.

Never seen one before.

I had salads with silverfish in Vietnam and Thailand, should be available in Taiwan also? Tasty stuff, you might be in for a treat. Just make 100% sure they really are silverfish before you start cooking.

Maybe it’s a catroach

Another possibility: Do you play Cyberpunk 2077? So much bugs in the game that it made it out of your computer and into your homes!

Isn’t that called a bookworm?

What’s up with the small, black shiny bugs that seem to be everywhere lately?

One of them flew into my eye and gave me a conjunctivitis on the weekend.