Can you identify this bug?

I found this bug in my bedroom. Looks like a mini white shrimp or something. Was hard to take a picture of it but I hope the quality is good enough.

Dude, get out of there now. Just run. I’ll explain later, there’s no time


im joking. cool bug

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Termite? You need to take a clearer picture.

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Not sure what they are, but they seem to eat books. I usually uncover one or two during cleanups.

It’s clearly an AIDS bed bug. Hire a professional. I mean a pest control one, not…


I think so, yeah. Silverfish.


Best my iphone could do.

Okay, that room has a lot of books.

Could they be dangerous to cats at all? My cats sleep there

I found one of these yesterday.

Never seen one before.

I had salads with silverfish in Vietnam and Thailand, should be available in Taiwan also? Tasty stuff, you might be in for a treat. Just make 100% sure they really are silverfish before you start cooking.

Maybe it’s a catroach

Another possibility: Do you play Cyberpunk 2077? So much bugs in the game that it made it out of your computer and into your homes!

Isn’t that called a bookworm?

What’s up with the small, black shiny bugs that seem to be everywhere lately?

One of them flew into my eye and gave me a conjunctivitis on the weekend.

Found it near my apartment and took it to the park. Never seen one before

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White-spotted longhorn beetle, Asian long-horned beetle.

'Germany’s Julius Kuehn Institute said the beetles, a serious threat not just to citrus crops but to many standing trees, had been found in two German states, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The bugs had believed to gave been spread all over Germany by a supermarket chain.

More than one bargained for

The chain last month sold 100,000 of the trees as indoor pot plants. They had had been imported to the Netherlands from China in December.

Buyers were asked to check the Acer palmatum trees, also known as Japanese maple, for round holes in the trunks indicating emerged beetles. Officials asked buyers to wrap infested pot plants in plastic and deliver them to plant-health authorities.

EU threat list

The pest, scientific name Anoplophora chinensis, is on a European Union schedule of biological threats.

Italy has been fighting an outbreak since 1997, with the infestation now extending to about 100 square kilometres (38.6 square miles). France stamped out an invasion in 2003 and the United States successfully defeated one infestation in 2001.

Dutch authorities have impounded a fresh consignment of 25,000 of the pot plants from China and they are likely to be destroyed, said Gerlinde Nachtigall, spokeswoman for the Kuhn institute, which is Germany’s federal plant-health agency.

The shiny black beetle is usually 21 to 37 millimeters (0.8 to 1.4 inches) long.’



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In the countryside, those of us with various citrus trees hate this bug. I have to wrap the bottom part of the tree with enough cloth to prevent this bug from laying its eggs in the base of the tree…which kills the tree. I think we lost about six trees to this bug.


Strange, they’re very common. Last one I saw was this morning. It was surrounded by a swarm of tiny ants attending the funeral.

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