Can you live in an office?

I’m sure it’s probably illegal, but I wanted to make sure. If you rent an office, is it illegal to live there?
Because it seems heaps cheaper than any apartments.

It will probably depend on the terms of your lease. However, most offices I’ve seen don’t have private bathrooms, and I haven’t seen any with showers or bathtubs.

I’m sure one could be installed if you so desire… I see lots of shower heads in office bathrooms… some say to help keep it clean but could be used for so many other purpose. Besides being Taiwanese they probably live there… I mean people work overtime right? what’s to stop them from doing that?

But where have you seen office spaces cheaper than apartments? I’d love to rent an office space some day to have my woodworking shop.

Is there a website to look for office spaces for lease? I need to get a place, I can’t work at home peacefully.

Better make sure you have 24H access.
I lived in an office for a while once. It had a bathroom, but no kitchen.
Main problem was the guanliyuan locked up and went home at 11pm.
So unless I was planning an all-nighter, I had to be home by 11pm.

Isn’t it that business buildings pay more utilities?

It’s not “illegal”. You can live in a tin shack in the woods if you want to (plenty of people do!).

I knew a guy who lived in his office for a while while getting a divorce - although in that case he owned the office, so there might have been less of an issue with management etc. As others mentioned above, that’s about the only problem you might encounter. Also, if you’re here on an ARC your home address must be different to your work address.

Yeah, there’s a tonne of websites for rental, they’re all in chinese though, so I hope your chinese is good:

It’s probably not illegal at all, but if you have coworkers… wouldn’t that kinda weird for them to step into “your” bathroom when they work overtime? (Seeing your personal belongings…)
If you are the only worker, then what I said isn’t the case.

Some commercial buildings are not hooked up to the natural gas line, so no hot water. It makes taking a hot shower a bit of a challenge. There’s also the tax issue. If a unit is registered as a commercial space, the tax rate will be higher than one registered as residencial.

Not a problem, electric heaters or tanked gas. A lot of residential places have no natural gas lines either.