Can you mountain bike in taiwan?

i am a keen mountain biker who is wondering how easy it is to bike in Taipei. I envisage my problem to be the fact that i dont want to own a car, thus how to i get to the trails? Can i use the MRT? Where are the decent proper trails? I like singletrack with small drops that is unulating, etc. is this available in taiwan. One thing i do know is that the bikes are available and cheap, as giant is from taiwan, and many bikes are actually made in taiwan.

Any advice would be gratefully received, as i dont wish to give up this sport when i come over :frowning:

Firstly, check out

Secondly, it depends where you are going to be living in Taipei to a certain extent. If you live by the red MRT line, you will have the ability to take your bike on the Metro system here (I live at the end of the blue line and can’t).


yep, leave a mesage on the ffta forums or pm here. we ride regularly.

there are many many trails around taipei that will sate your desires and MANY island wide.