Can you see it?


Can you see it?

If you can see it, keep quiet

If you can’t, keep on looking

Edit… Here is the link…


I can see it, brilliant! who da fuck did that? I wonder if the site was hacked


“bareheaded”, now that’s funny.


keep reading, after that, there is a clanger


Yeah, there’s no way that’s a typo.


actually i am starting to think that it could be an idiot translator. if you read the whole sentence that it is in.


What’s the problem?
It says:

One recent 1-inch bust front view photo, bareheaded, on glossy paper (identical to driver’s license format).

Bust = the head
Bareheaded = no coverings on the head

Nothing odd about this.


you havent seen it yet, keep reading


Sorry, give us a clue here. It’s in Standard Chinglish, but I can’t see anything offensive or funny in there.


Same here. Typical typos/Chinglish.


I’ve seen it for the first time.


I can’t see it. I see P.R.O.C but nothing amiss there.


i thought that was it, how come nothing amiss?


The atrocious attempt to do a word by word translation of bureacratese Sung dynasty gongwen Chinese into “English” follows SOP. It is only missing a reverent thanks to the kechang who edited it. Heaven forbid giving it to a Native speaker. Too expensive, time wasting and face losing.

Example: they recently had a public presentation of a big protect we worked on. However, the press release was not done by us nor we were given the translation to check. As a result, the thing that came out in a multilingual attempt had the glaring typo -the most glaring among many, and I am calling it typo to be charitable- of writing the project’s name in 3 different ways… And that is just for starters.


They’re talking about separate procedures for verifying a China mainland issued drivers license which is fair enough considering they don’t recognise each others’ documents. I’m somewhat surprised they’ll take a China driver’s license at all.


the answer is not… ‘bareheaded’

and not bad translation or whatever

look again… read again…

it is an official national online document!


I was surprised they expressed the mainland China as PRoC.


Why? People’s Republic of China. Non-standard abbreviation (normally PRC), but perfectly clear.

Icon: yeah, it’s atrocious, but par for the course. Clearly, somebody’s brother-in-law who worked in the USA for six months was the resident “expert”. I’m probably just used to it.


“Mainland Chain” or maybe the OP is referring to something else… but that’s what I see aside from the “driver/'s”


Have you ever seen this in other official documents?

I’m not sure whether this is the answer, though.