Can you see it?


Beat you to it, ha.


This train wreck of a thread has been a lot of fun. I sensed that this was an attempt to troll very quickly and I just skimmed the document to try and see what could possibly worth posting about. It’s the people that pretended to find it that made me go back and read it again. Those are the people that want nothing more than to watch the world burn. Shame on them.


I didn’t pretend to find anything. Who are you suggesting did? And why should I/they feel any shame?


It was just Liam.


All I see is myself looking back at time I wasted in my life waiting for the answer here.

Can someone just post the answer with spoiler cover like this spoiler cover?


I found their use of PROC amusing i didnt pretend to find it amusing.

you interpret that as wanting the world to burn? Shame on me?

ha ha ha


Mainland Chain


I’ll see your typo and raise you a wtf: a print publication from a private sector entity run by people of a very politically correct, cross-strait friendship persuasion, where someone translated 中華民國 as Republic of T_____. :runaway:

(I’m saving the photo for a rainy day.)


Well , there is a certain news agency that gives me the hibbie jibbies every time they write “Embassy of Taiwan”. Which they often do.


Typo Times?


Nope. They know better.


Oh, the one that shall not be named. :whistle:

No further questions. :slight_smile: