Can you see the 2 sea lions?


I used to be able to see those things but I’ve forgotten how it works. :s

I looked at the stupid picture 15 minutes - still don’t see anything. But the article says it is so easy… Here is another one

also can’t understand this one (two circles).

It’s easier on paper.
You just have to stare at it and not turn away when it gets fuzzy. The image appears after the ultimate fuzziness. That’s how much I remember from the times I was able to do it. :slight_smile:
Good luck :astonished:

Two sealions, two balls in midair.

Then like an inverted donut.

I love those pics! Post some more! :bravo:

Hey, not fair, I still don’t see it.
Here is website you can make your own.

Hope it works. … eogram.htm]

And here is a program to make these pictures yourself, with any BMP picture as “hidden” pattern.

Have fun

Thanks, “Guy like me”! I never knew I could see them much better on a computer screen than on paper! Cool!

BTW, your link doesn’t work because of the “]” at the end. Anyhow, wonderful stereograms are easy to find with Google’s picture search. I love this one:

Some tips:

  • get close to the screen so that the text and images around the stereogram don’t disturb you (or cut and paste it on an entirely blank page).
  • reflections on the monitor can make it impossible to see the 3d-picture. I noticed I can see the images on a LCD monitor more easily than on a CRT monitor.

If you don’t want to use the “just look at it and relax your eyes”-method, here’s the logical approach.

Hope this helps.

this is like bicycle, once you mangae to do it once, you got it forever… :smiley: :smiley: