Canada Day, eh? 3:30 - 9:00pm Saturday 1 July

The Muddy Basin Ramblers are playing at the Canada Day (eh?) celebration at Da-an Park this Saturday.

Bring your picnic basket and beer cooler for an afternoon and evening
of great music from Mr Green, Scott Cook, Public Radio, the Ramblers and

Details here: … 0701.shtml

Canadia Day? Why am I putting this up, I dunno, I really don’t. Good bands though.


You’re putting it up because, erm, nobody else remembered to. :blush:
Thankin’ ye muchly. I know you’ll be there in spirit. I’ll lift a glass in your general direction.

And I’ll toff my hat, raise a glass and sit gloomy in the absence of your fine tunes.

Break a leg.


And foin tunes there were! :bravo: :bravo:

That was hottest sweatiest Canada day I’ve ever celebrated!

And the Balmy Basin Warblers kicked fargin aish!

Thanks for the backstage pass to introduce jdson to the boys, and great to find that Dave is a New Yorker by proxy! We even met the jugguy!

Awesome to see the sandman and scary to hear his story about how he used to dive for knobs. :smiley:

Other notables, funk500, richardM and son, and TASH! Yes TASH was there, sat right next to me and SPOKE to me!!! :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

When I left this afternoon I weighed 85.5Kg…now I weigh 87…all water…my gourd it was hot today.

Pics to come later.

gee willikers sandy is in fine physical shape…

i’ve got a few pics…

Finally got around to this. C Day was really great. Is it an annual thing?

RichardM and son and the bestest softest seat in the house:

And then the band started playing:

And the critics came to town:

Sandman blowing:

Dave and Zoe:

Jugguy and washboard guy

Me and the poster formerly known as Tash:

Jdson and da Band

Thanks again folks! :notworthy: