Canada PR photo requirement

Hi everyone! I desperately needed help. Does someone know where I can take a picture for Canada Citizenship photo requirement maybe around banqiao. It’s a 50mmx70mm size.I tried google search but results were uncertain. And if there’s an internet cafe near banqiao that offers printing services. CIC pdf file barcodes have issues when printed at 7 eleven or other convenience stores. So I’d like to print it straight from the computer. I would appreciate anyone’s help. Thanks in advance.

Just go to any photo shop, tell them what you need and they’ll do it. When I got pictures done, I actually printed out the requirements and brought them in so the photographer could see what I meant. It typically takes a day

I went to fujifilm shop near me because I needed a recent 2x2 photo. In their shop it shows all the photo sizes they offer, for visas, only for taiwan visa was available. I told them I need 50mmx70mm and they told me no they dont do that there. That is why Im asking for any other shops that can do that. But thanks for your reply, maybe Ill try to find another shop near me.

Go to any Kodak Store. Search 柯達快速彩色 on Google Maps. I went to one north of Taipei Main Station for photos. They do a good job.

Thanks Marco925. I`ll try Kodak this time, i found one near banqiao train station maybe I go try it later.