Canada travel

i will travel to Canada next month to enjoy what skidiving it is. I have a question that where is the best place for skidiving in Canada so which are necessary?
Thank you

Do you mean sky diving or skiing?

Sky diving?
In Canada?
In the winter?

Well, this place in the Vancouver area doesn’t seem to be doing anything until spring - so I’d guess you’ll have trouble finding somewhere to go skydiving in Canada in February.

Winnipeg is nice this time of year

Well, if the polar vortex is too mild for you, you can increase the windchill by jumping out of a plane. That sounds fun!

Yellowknife is nice. You won’t see much until April but the Northern Lights are great this time of year.

If skydiving head to coastal bc. Im not familiar with the east but if they have it there go east coast. The view from above of islands, mountains etc is great. Winter sure doesnt seem fun to me but if im going to do it i want a great view. Middle canada is flat. Seems boring to me but maybe you get a great view of the curvature of earth there.

Whistler and Squamish in British Columbia are the two areas where you can skydive, I believe.

Whistler is pretty expensive and touristy. But it is amazingly beautiful there. Vancouver island has a good amount of outdoors stuff and far less busy.