Canada was Robbed!


Anybody catch the finals of the Olympic pairs figure skating competition Monday night? The Russians messed up in their program, the Canadians were FLAWLESS but the judges gave it to the Russian couple, who had stumbled. 4 of the 5 judges who voted for the Russian couple are from former and present communist countries. The 5th judge opting for the Russian pair Monday was Marie Reine Le Gougne of France. Insiders insist this was part of a deal. French skaters Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat are apparently slated for a bronze medal in ice dancing, and there isn’t a French judge on the ice-dancing panel.

Here’s a link:
CNN/Sports Illustrated

Durned Communists! Dratted French! :raspberry:


Your right. That really sucks. They showed the two teams doing the same elements side by side (man what they can do with computers!) on an instant replay type thing. It wasnt even close. Really tarnishes the Olympic image, just like the Salt Lake City Bribery thing.

Anyway, thats why I like downhill skiing and speed skating. Just you agianst the clock baby. No style points. By the way, did anybody see how the Korean guy took himself and the Italian out of one of the heats of the Mens Speed skating relay last night? They had to restart the race.


The Koreans were disqualified. But I though it looked like the American knocked the Korean down.