Canada's Lack of Aid to the Third World

Yesterday in the Vancouver Sun it said that Canada’s aid record was appalling and they needed to be more involved. In fact Canada seemed to be withdrawing into itself. :noway:

As a relatively new immigrant to Canada (being English) my response would be that the Canadian government doesn’t give much aid because they would just prefer everybody to move to Canada! :bravo: :laughing: .

Actually, this is something I’d like to see stats for. Recently, on other threads, the US has been blasted for what some say is a low amount given in aid to poor countries.

What about Canada? Are we tight-fisted?

As for your idea that the Canadian government wants everyone to move there… it seems to be true if you are from certain countries only.

My brother-in-law is Tongan and he had a hellish time getting into Canada while he and my sister were engaged. He got into the US without a problem though.

Canada does seem to favour immigration from Asia. I’m English, but applied for immigration (my wife is from BC) through the Canadian embassy in Singapore, whilst living in Taiwan. We got married in Taipei.

The application only took five months. I think possibly thats because we were two caucasians applying from Taiwan that we just stuck out like a saw thumb when the immigration official was sifting through the piles of application.

Which is bullshit. An example, the US provides 75% of the milk to Indonesia’s elementary schools. The problem is, the Indonesian government then charges the children’s parents for the milk! :fume: And then the Indonesians turn around and sign contracts with the South Koreans and Russians to buy 4 new submarines (aprox $300 million each) and several squadrons of Sukhoi SU-27s and SU-30s (aprrox $20-$30 million each).

What is the point of granting aid to corrupt regimes other than to bankrupt the donor nation and enrich the 3rd World thugs? Oh, I forgot…it makes liberals feel warm and fuzzy. :unamused:

As a relatively new immigrant to Canada (being English) my response would be that the Canadian government doesn’t give much aid because they would just prefer everybody to move to Canada! :bravo: :laughing: .[/quote]

Especially Mexican strippers!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Canada scrutinises new strippers

Canada is asking for photographic proof from foreign strippers applying for working visas.

An official at Canada’s embassy in Mexico is quoted as saying “stage photographs” are mandatory before a visa can be issued. [/quote]

While not small, the amount has definitely shrunk in proportion to GDP. The reason most Canadians still think Canada is a large provider, and don’t know this isn’t as true anymore because the media is too busy reporting on some Quebecois legislators dumb ass remarks about X, rather than issues of some importance. The same reason can be seen to explain the huge decrease in UN Peacekeeping participation. People just think what once was great must still be great.

You’ll wake the Canadians from dreaming their lovely dream of being the greatest country in the world.

The most shocking thing about this thread was that it was NOT started by MaPoSquid, Chewycorns, or Fred Smith.

Is there some international requirement that I am unaware of that states first world nations are required to provide aid to third world countries? I was always under the impression that foreign aid, like charity, was at the discretion of the giver, not the receiver. :unamused:

He’s baaaaaaack! Hi Vannyel. :wink:

I don’t think it’s about obligations as much as it is indicative of a country’s standing as a “global citizen”.

As I mentioned above, many posters on Forumosa have taken the US government to task for apparently (forgive me Comrade Stalin, I don’t know the figures and as such have refrained from commenting on US charitiable donations) not giving very much.

Canada is one of the G7/G8 member countries so has one of the largest economies in the world.

While you are correct that there is no law, it is worth criticzing governments or rich countries that do little or nothing to help the people and countries of the world. Where is the money going?

As a Canadian, I can tell you we are certainly taxed enough!!!

So, does anyone have figures on this or are we blowing smoke with this thread?

Fred Smith, fact checker extraordinaire, Tigerman quote provider and list paster, we need you! C’mon, Canada isn’t that dull is it?


Well, it does get a little repetitive pissing on Canada all the time. Oh well, here it goes. Foreign aid reached its pinnacle under Trudeau and his trusted mate

Following is an article giving stats and outlooks on Canada’s foreign aid expenditure. Though dated I am sure things haven’t changed too much.

Here is an excerpt:

[quote]Revised statistics from the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD indicate that Canadian ODA for 1997 has fallen to 0.31% of GNP (from a high of 0.45% in 1991), and Canada has dropped to 9th position from 7th in 1996 among the 21 donors. This is Canada’s worst performance in almost 30 years. For 1998, ODA is projected to fall to 0.27%.

Scandinavian countries, with whom Canada is often compared as a progressive donor, continue to maintain high levels of aid as a percentage of GNP, despite their own budget deficit cutting measures. Sweden (0.76%), Norway (0.86%), and Denmark (0.97%), along with Netherlands (0.81%), each exceed the U.N. recognized target of 0.7% of GNP.[/quote]