Canada's One Week of Fame

They finally made it.
Long ignored by international business, economic, and political publications, Canada (affectionately Canuckistan) finally makes the cover of the Economist.

Seems they’ve been doing things (kinda) right, especially regarding the economy and immigration.

How many wealthy Asians (including Taiwanese) have been looking to Canada as a place to raise their children in a safe (although boring) environment?! A lot, to say the least. Good job, Canucks.


  • Is Canada’s economic renaissance going to drain East Asia of most of its English teachers, as Canucks move back home? What will Global Village do?! :shock:

  • Will an increasingly weathly Canada eventually develop a military and go nuclear so it can stand nose-to-nose with Uncle Sam?

  • Will Quebec stay in the fold to take advantage of Canada’s prosperity?


  • Will Quebec stay in the fold to take advantage of Canada’s prosperity?[/quote]

Mon dieu, NON! Dos stinkhing Henglich pigdogs…jamais…Je Me Souviens! Vive la Liberte…vive la difference…vive la poutine…

I guess we’ll soon see poutine shops in every corner of the world. (eh?)

I checked the Canadian embassy (sorry, trade office) web site, but they haven’t got the link to the Economist yet, just
this about an EIU study. I’m expecting an e-mail any minute from one of my Canuck friends. One of those, “See, I told you!” kind. Good on `em.

I told you so!

Mission completed. Now, Formosa, if you don’t mind, go and clean up the economies of Africa.