Canadian and Taiwanese getting married twice

Yea I know, as if once isn’t bad enough…

My fianc

Call again. I’d like to know what answer number three is.

I got married in Taiwan, but not in Canada. I got a “proof of single paper” at the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei. IIRC, its just an affadavit you sign. You just need money.

If married in Canada I do not know the requirements

However an 8 month translation service seems pretty slow
Why not get the Canadian marriage cert notarized in Canda by the TECO office and if required by the MOFA in Taiwan, get it translated to Chinese

To get married in Taiwan you need a single cert … if the Canadian office in Taipei will issue this there should be no need to get it notarzed in Canada… perhaps they will still need a translation though

There have been several discussion on the Clean Criminal Record on this forum… Sandman is here so long ( >5 years) that he got one locally in Taiwan and they accepted this

However if you get one in Canada… you should be careful of two things
1)Validity of the CCRD
2) The MOFA I think requires it to be less than 3 months old

PS don’t believe anything they tell you on the phone

You don’t need the Taipei trade office in Canada to translate anything, unless maybe your marriage cert is only in Francais or something. I got married in US and it went like this:

  1. Get married in San Jose (took 2 days, 15 minutes each day)
  2. Take marriage cert to TECO San Francisco to get stamped (2 days)
  3. Take marriage cert to MOFA in Taipei to get stamped again (5 days)
  4. Sister-in-law does half-assed chinese translation
  5. Go to Shilin District Court to get it officially recognized
  6. Go to household registration to get marriage recorded
  7. Go through JFRV process

Though it seems complicated, if my wife ever wants to immigrate to US we won’t have hassles going the other direction.

you do need to have the license translation rubber stamped by the trade office in toronto, but it only took me 2 months and that was by coriour from taiwan.
the translation was done by my wife.