Canadian ATM cards in Taiwan

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for answering my last question about washer and dryer compatibility in Taiwan.

Now I was wondering, will my CIBC ATM card work in Taiwan? The card has the interac and plus logos on the reverse. I know my wife’s TD card works o.k. but there are actual TD branches in Taipei, unlike CIBC.

Thanks for reading


I have used a Plus coded ATM card from Ireland over the last year. However I have found that not all ATM machines accept it - even if they display the Plus symbol. So I guess the answer is a Taiwan Maybe…


Hello again. As BH has said don’t count on it working all the time. I believe I have seen the plus and cirrus logos in Taiwan. I have never actually tried to use one, but they have them. Keep in mind though they are few and far between. Also remember you may get wacked with a huge service charge also, but I’m not sure about that.

Good luck.


Well I use my OZ ATM card here - no problems - the fee is tiny and the exchange rate the best.

Use the machines at Shanghai Commercial Bank if you want to withdraw money on a CIBC plus card - the account balance even appears on your statement.

Cool, that worked out fine. I used a machine outside Warner Village and it spat out a thousand like a charm, which I promptly sqandered on scratch cards. Taipei has lottery fever and I’m caught up in it.

sorry, but there are TD branches in Taipei? where!? i need one! thanks…*day