Canadian Criminal Check - Easy Solution

If you are a Canadian applying for an APRC and you have left Taiwan for more than three consecutive months within the last five years, you will need a Canadian criminal record check. Getting this document can be an incredibly complicated and time consuming process if you are living outside of Canada and I have even heard of people flying home just to save time.

I recently found a service that makes the process a lot easier. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to pacificfingerprintservice.c … erprinting and fill out the form
  2. You will receive an email with a fingerprinting form within 24 hours
  3. Take the form to the National Immigration agency and they will do your fingerprints for 100nt
  4. Fedex the sheet, a pic and payment sheet (their service costs 147 Can) to the Pacific Fingerprinting offices
  5. They will digitize the prints and submit the record check application to the RCMP
  6. The RCMP will then send the check to an address in Canada and your friends or family can send the document back to you in Taiwan

I just recently went through this process and had my document within two weeks. The $147 fee covers digitizing your prints and fees charged by the RCMP. A lot cheaper than a plan ticket back to Canada, that’s for sure!