Canadian criminal record check

Has anyone recently applied for a Canadian criminal record check while living in Taiwan? I need one for Visa purposes and would like to avoid flight home.

I’ve seen in past posts detailing somewhat the process but nothing recent.

I received this information today from the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei.

Please be advised the jurisdiction of criminal record checks falls under the RCMP in Canada.

Visit and for details.

Steps to obtain a certified Criminal Record or a …

Steps. Have your fingerprints taken; Fill in your application; Make sure your application is complete; Submit your application; Verify the status of your application …

Our office can assist by providing the finger print forms. If you need the forms, please mail a return envelope with $60 stamps to our office to request for one.

Basically, you would bring this fingerprint form to the National Immigration Agency (Taiwan) have your finger prints taken, then contact the RCMP certified accredited companies to proceed.

Please contact the companies for more information.


Consular Section/Section Consulaire

Canadian Trade Office in Taipei/Bureau Commercial du Canada à Taipei

6FL, #1, SongZhi Rd, Taipei 11047, Taiwan

Tel: 02-8723-3000

Fax: 02-8723-3590



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Closing this because a longer thread on the topic exists with the same information that’s found here…