Canadian Expat Insurance

Some advice and a question.

Advice. I was repeatedly informed that it was not possible to purchase Canadian health insurance from Taiwan when my initial policy expired some months ago but managed to find an agent who would insure me (at a very reasonable price, given that my MSP coverage was still in force). Those in a similar position might be interested in contacting David Cummings Insurance out of Vancouver at [].

Question. I am no longer covered by MSP (having been out of country my alloted six months this year) and am looking into purchasing an expatriate package. Would those who are in a similar position be willing to tell me what you (or your employer) are paying?

I am looking at $3 million lifetime coverage with a $5000 deductible at $165 per month to supliment my NHI coverage. What do fellow segueists think? What other sorts of packages would you recommend?