Canadian Forumosans - Up Scale Restaurant in Toronto

I know this is a little bit off topic, but I thought I ask the Canadian community in Taiwan anyway.

I am going to Toronto to a conference in June and I want to take a business partner out to a nice upscale restaurant there, something special. I am not that familiar with Toronto, and was hoping to get some input from the Canadian community here in TW.

I am looking forward to some great replies.

One to avoid: "NEW TOWN, unless you like to have bad french food with smells of formula 1 tyres and pictures of Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve on the walls.

Ratlung, check out this site for restaurants.

Thanks for the link. I already checked it before, but there were so many places, and I am just not sure which one would be the best. I was hoping for some insider information.

Mercer Street Grill. *EDIT
Great place. Trendy. Tasty. Expensive.
Check Google

The restaurant at the Four Seasons is the place to see and be seen. I saw David Stewart of Eurythmics fame when I was there once…

Two spots I’d recommend if they are still around:


[quote=“Canoe Website”]Canoe Restaurant and Bar
54th Floor, Toronto
Dominion Bank Tower
66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Canada M5K 1H6

Reservation Line: 416-364-0054
Monday to Friday: Lunch and Dinner
Saturday & Sunday: Available for large private bookings


[quote=“thefiftybest”]ZOOM RESTAURANT
ZooM offers a dining experience which is truly unique to the Toronto culinary climate. The award-winning design resonates in harmony with their critically acclaimed food. Each dish is meticulously hand-crafted to have its own soul. The wines and spirits are carefully selected to match the flavours from their kitchen. Unpretentious and unparalleled service.
18 King Street East (416) 861-9872 [/quote]

Both expensive, but excellent food. Zoom is smaller and more intimate with an arts/fashion business crowd, whereas Canoe was mostly a business crowd.

I took singers and fashion editors to Zoom. Business dinners with people in other industries were often at Canoe.

More options at:

Wow, thanks for the many replies. :notworthy: :notworthy:
I did not expect such a great response. :notworthy: :notworthy:
I will have to check their internet presence and then will see where we are going. All places sound great to me.

Newtown is in Montreal.

ByMark opened two years ago and is another good spot in the financial district (it’s actually in the same building as Canoe). Order the $35 burger only if you like truffles.

Canoe has probably the best view of the city after the CN Tower but my advice for dinner is to stay away from the financial district, esp. on a weekend. Go to Yorkville, King St. West or Queen St. West.

Anyway, check out Toronto Life’s Web site for reviews by clicking on the Restaurants section or the City Guide section.

Don’t forget to tip!

ps: if you like ice cream, go to Greg’s Ice Cream on Spadina and Bloor and order the roasted marshmallow ice cream… hmmmm.

Rain on King street east of Yonge St is also nice.

I second that! The Drake Hotel (restaurant) on Queen St. West opened up a couple of years ago. It’s in the gallery district, where you’ll find lots of gallery shops and such.

I can’t believe no one said it yet. Two words: Tim Hortons

Two words:Up Scale.