Canadian Gold

That’s 1!!!

Felicitations Alexandre!!!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Well done!

Mucho Congratualtiones… :bravo:

Yes, yes congratulations :bravo: .

P.S.: France has two at the mo.

That’s 2.

Way to go Maelle. Gold for Maelle, or put another way, G-Maelle.

Hosting the Winter Olympics this time, Canada has to win Gold in the mens and womens ice hockey. Has to.

They freakin’ better!

I would like to dedicate both Canadian gold medals to trebuchet. :raspberry:

Awww thanks. :discodance:

I hope we lose. Canucks need more sour grapes, as we spend more than enough time making them.

[quote=“Slappy”]That’s 2.

Way to go Maelle. Gold for Maelle, or put another way, G-Maelle.[/quote]
She’s purdy.
Or is it just really late?

8 golds now. You lot are ROCKING the podium!

That’s 14!!!

Congratulations Canada.

Well, I guess that $120 million was well spent. I wonder if it will show up it’s dividend for the Paralympics as well.

What about the protesters? Do they get a medal?

An absolutely incredible feeling going through all of Greater Vancouver yesterday, and for the entire 17 day stretch. People were out until all hours celebrating, not only in DT Vancouver, but throughout the whole of the Lower Mainland, up into the Interior, and across the country (Young street shut down in TO).

Thanks to everyone who made it great, from every nation that participated. :thumbsup:

They get participation pins for being special.

They get participation pins for being special.[/quote]
:roflmao: Good one!