Canadian Multiculturalism Minister Runs Dodgy Buxiban in PRC

Chan, MP for Richmond, owns Greenwood Academy through a company
called Grand Canadian. The school is in Nanjing, China. Grand Canadian Academy is listed on English School Watch, a black list of ELT employers. Other warnings appear on Dave’s ESL Cafe. He has the audacity to call himself a human rights activist. hehehehehehehe. … th_br.html

Apparently, he has used official trade missions to promote this school :fume:

From the House Of Commons last Monday: … N135-E.htm

Aww…its OK…its in [color=red]RED CHINA[/color].

Some additional links related to this story: … an+academy … pic_id=978

there were articles about this guy a year ago, at least.

amazing how slow matters like this get looked into. you’d think something would’ve been done by now.

[quote=“xtrain”]there were articles about this guy a year ago, at least.

amazing how slow matters like this get looked into. you’d think something would’ve been done by now.[/quote]

True. But with all the Liberal sleaze and scandals lately (Dingwall and the Canadian Mint; Pettigrew and his Manwhore/Driver etc.), people are starting to probe more deeply :smiling_imp: I’m glad to see that the Conservatives and NDP are doing their homework. I just wish the media would stop being the Liberal Party’s cheap whore. :unamused:

The Canadian Multiculturalism Minister has ordinary Chinese businessmen convinced that the Canadian gov’t is nothing more than a collection of sleazeball buxiban owners…even most Chinese businessmen run cleaner buxibans than he does. I am so embarrassed.

Mr. Chan obviously used his clout as Minister to get push for his school’s certification and lobbied for his school during Canadian trade missions. A huge conflict of interest if I have ever seen one. :fume: As of July of this year, his school is one of a select few that is a candidate for certifcation. … s_list.pdf

These schools will seek to be inspected and certified within six
to eight months.

I wonder if they will ask the teachers any questions or if it will all be done with red envelopes. :smiling_imp:

I’d like to see some media action on this, this looks like a low-grade scandal in the making. At the very least, it doesn’t smell right. Hey Chewy, why don’t you shoot off a few emails to some media outlets?

I think CTV’s W5 would be an excellent starting point. And there is no reason WHY we can’t start a letter writing campaign to the BC gov. saying that as Canadians working in Asia we have grave concerns over this conflict of interest…not to mention the plain-old crap working conditions at that school. We all have to take resonpsibility.// You know what else? Just tell me what you think of this idea: what about writing a letter of concern to the Chinese gov.? They might actually be able to do something…I am quite serious.

I’ve already sent a few links to the Calgary Sun and the National Post. Writing to the Chinese government? :smiling_imp: The Chinese government and the Canadian government are allies. The Chicoms aren’t going to jeopardize lucrative natural resource contracts with the Canadians by questioning a minister’s lack of ethics and hypocrisy. In fact, they would probably give him a medal.

I’m curious about what tactics the Minster used to get provincial approval for his school’s certification. Were any red flags raised during this process and were the allegations against the school and its treatment of Canadians brought up at this phase.

Kickstand, you should write a letter to CTV. I’ll let you deal with the Liberal media :smiling_imp: (although I realize the Post is owned by Asper.)

I think the Chinese would view him as a damn good businessman :smiley:

Well, I went to few English Corners in Xiamen during the SARS crisis and then in Guanzhou and Shanghai about 6 months prior to that and the word on the street was that the Canadian gov’t is corrupt. So to answer you, I would say that YES the Chinese people still make a distinction between working for the government and being a for-profit businessman. So they would say that he’s not doing his job properly.