Canadian murdered in Yonghe


One would expect his family to stand up for him.

What would happen to him if he made it to Israel
Would he just walk free or be out of jail on permanent probation ? Or would he be tried even ?

I don’t think Taiwan will sentence him to death assuming he is guilty

They may likely consider what the penalty may be in a Canadian court as the victim was Canadian And quite possibly be open to him serving his time in a Canadian jail in due course .

Taiwan doesn’t want to be seen as some 13th century champion of the death penalty as even on Taiwan it has largely not been used except in very heinous crimes

Not saying this was not heinous this one

Taiwan won’t want a big stink on this case internationally

And may as I said take into consideration what a Canadian court may sentence him to if they find him guilty

Note that the USA still has the death penalty but rarely actually carry them out. Not for decades even for each individual case



In Canada he will maybe get some light community service. Followed by a public apology and have to check in with a psychiatrist once a month. Or its possible he could play up the anti-semitic angle and wind up ahead $$$.

IMO he should get the gas chamber.


Happy shiney people


Well, they certainly got a high profile lawyer. She often partners in cases with this dude:


He will need to be hip with Duterte

However it is very troubling when there is a law for the common man and another for those in power or with powerful friends or with money

Everyone knows OJ was guilty but he got away with murder


I think we will see him back in Taiwan pretty soon.


Duterte or O.J ? Sorry , I can’t help it .:smiley:


Time to put your hand on a stiff one , drink I mean


News is reporting that Oz is due back in Taiwan tonight.


I bet the Israeli human rights/extradition specialist lawyers are pissed.

But in Asia, especially with the PI president being for shooting drug dealers, I am not surprised that they handed him over toute suite. I wonder if the Taiwan News will be at the airport.


Junior Bent has reportedly made a confession after Oz’s arrest and Dan Wu reportedly stood lookout and signaled to Oz and Junior with a firework when Ryan arrived at the park.


Oz has landed and got the full VIP treatment on arrival as you can see in this video.


Now if they could only go after Taiwanese who jumped bail, ran away to PI, China, etc with the same fervor


Why you keep mentioning OZ when his name is Schlomo!


In chains! Man, he sure looks glum. I guess the prospect of two decades of cabbage, rice, tea, joss stick handicrafts, communal da-biens, and no AC would do that to a person.

Given that Taiwan hospitals are notoriously frugal with pain meds, I guess jails do not provide anti-depressants, etc.


Actually I was expecting a full circus. Fortunately the press are distracted with the Osaka issues, Ko’s anti reelection campaign and what celebrities did during HK typhoon. Oh and the latest bus accident, miraculous no fatalities after the seats folded like an accordion.

They are playing pin the murder on someone’s ass, so it is either Brent’s or Oz’. Signal with fireworks?!

Where is my triple head palm gif?


OTOH, the guy is actually off his meds… is that even legal?


Yes Wu the innocent college boy who buys machetes and then stands watch during a murder…


Bad enough the dude has to do the Perp Walk, but in the capri shorts and knockoff Adidas slides???

Oh, the humanity!!!


It’s totes not his fault. He was hoodwinked by those wily foreigners!


Apple Daily , instead of massive headlines about suspects escaping justice are going with 'police are checking his story…`