Canadian murdered in Yonghe


Yes but we’re not putting ourselves out there as a professional organization in Chinese.

I wasn’t complaining but just saying


They have native English editors, they can catch mistakes if they do their job well. Or the paper should hire proof readers.


If I tried to write a weekly news column in my very broken Chinese, then you’d have every right to criticize and call us hypocrites. But since I don’t, you don’t.


Is there a point in there somewhere?


Eh the point is that they hire Native English speakers, and they are paid handsomely for just that: being born or having acquired a passport from an English speaking country. Local businesses think that if they are Native they can magically write.

Trust someone who writes copy everyday, it ain’t that easy. But local bosses do not understand.

We all wished those same Natives had been hired considering if they had some experience in the field. That is a very high hope which is not mostly taken into consideration. That is why the ones with experience roll their eyes so far they see their brains.

An even higher requirement would be for «reporters» to actually understand Chinese at least to read local papers. That is for own accuracy in editing, as no local is going to trust your translation. Which is why they prefer to hire their cousin who studied 3 months in Arkansas. But if you want to know the facts, then this is crucial.

Or what I suspect happens: you hand the copy, they «fix» it because «you do not understand Chinese» which means they rewrite it into something that is not English anymore. Or any known language. Happens to everybody.


He’s probably a FOB trying to sound ultra culturally enlightened or “woke.”


Oh…in that case, job well done!


In the West, editorial and reporting and copy teams work together to insure that what is delivered to the reader is readable, accurate, truthful and with little mistakes as possible.

Truly newspapers here must work in a mad rush as most of their stuff looks as if it was written on a cellphone in the dim bathroom light.


In one !



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I think a lot of these publications don’t have native English speakers on their staff now.
Taiwan News has just one that we know of and he is busy translating trash from Apple Daily.


At least in Taiwan News the bylines 90% have English-language sounding names.

But CNA/Focus yep, it may have one or two in-house foreign editors but the rest of staff, reporters and translators, all locals. Yet, you do not see the cringe worthy stuff that TN shows as final product.

I am not expecting perfection. We all are human and our writing reflects that. Mistakes are expected. But a superiority tone is a nope.


Are insinuation and denigration in a 12 year old Taiwanese citizen’s lexicon? Usually criticism precedes change.


They do?


Well the truthful part may be stretched but anyone who wished for readability would prefer trams, not lone rangers. At least.


So what happens now? Suspect won’t talk so they keep him locked indefinitely until he starts to talk or what? Guess the prosecution is building the case against him… they will need more than the testimony of Bent and the tw dude. Any forensic data will be helpful

What are the Israelis doing about it? Getting ready to do an Entebbe and rescue his asss?


They offered no help to him at the embassy in Manila and didn’t respond to the family’s demands for help, so it seems they are fine with the situation.


Yeah, the Israeli human rights lawyer that Oz`s family hired was mighty pissed with the Israeli consular officials. I think I would be too. Considering the Philippine president and his viewpoints on extrajudicial killings for drug pushers, the Israelis officials in PI were pretty lax.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty etc?

I trust the Israeli legal system a hell of a lot more than Taiwan, the PI, banana republics, etc.


Perhaps the family will send a lawyer to observe in Taiwan and make sure due process is accorded and perhaps hire some notable Taiwan lawyers to represent their son.


They’d be earning big bucks in America, wouldn’t they?