Canadian murdered in Yonghe


I wonder why they would think they could get away with it?


Why does anyone think they can get away with anything?

People are thick as shit.


I don’t know if we’ll ever hear it, but it would be great to hear the truth instead of getting our info from Taiwan English News.


To make matters worse, there is no double jeapoardy in Taiwan jurisdiction, just a Kaftakesque endless stream of trials and retrials… until whoever is locked in or suicides/is killed, preferably the latter.


Yep complete madness , hsinchu trio case being the classic example.


It’s just odd when people come up with a highly complex murder plan involving dismemberment. A stab in the back and then running away would surely be less risky.


American man confesses to murder of Canadian English teacher, takes police to scene of crime


Maybe this forum could have a vote on whether we should ban the Kman and his terrible writing.


Amazing that a Taiwan-Canadian joint national would turn on a fellow Canadian. Not very cool.


For something premeditated by two people, it sounds like of the dumbest things ever. I mean, very often when I hear about this kind of crime it turns out that the murder was unexpected, maybe an accident or caused by use if drugs/alcohol or whatever, then the murderer panicked and tried to hide the body in the dumbest way possible.

Here we have two people who planned a murder together, committed it and proceeded to try to hide the body in the dumbest way possible…it’s fascinating, in some sense. (I believe this happened when I was not in Taiwan, so I may be missing some details, I just read the K-Man News article above)


I still can’t believe all 3 attackers carried smartphones to the crime scene (one was actually a lookout for the other two). And then these three geniuses left the victim’s cellphone in his pocket when they threw his torso into the riverbed.

I mean, who needs detectives? Sounds like the mobile providers could have solved this murder.


Maybe they were potheads or something?


how did they do everything they did (which now includes sitting around and getting Ryan drunk) in that short time frame? Something is off.


Reefer madness?


Didn’t the victim take money out of an ATM? Looks like he was a buyer and not a seller like the prestigious Taiwan News reports.


I think that was a reward for his dog.


Coincidence. Dog was lost almost two years ago. In Yilan. By the sea.

Actually, apparently, he had taken a total of 300 thousand NTD in a few days.

And he was rumored to be planning to escape The Island, which is the most plausible motivation for his demise IMHO.


That’s the problem when you watch too much TV crime series.


Try a good high alcohol beer!


And yet…you take fanarical (sic) glee in doing the same, albeit with words, not machetes.