Canadian murdered in Yonghe


Think it’s the shih chih trio iirc


Sure, in words, when it comes to certification issues for teachers (I stand by the certified ones) and when it comes to lawbreakers/trafficking issues (that put others in a bad light). Does not make me any less Canadian (as someone who has publicly served, I have the right to criticize).

I thought love it or leave it was supposedly right wing nativism. You buy into it?




We all have our pet issues. I do not criticize you for your legalisation politics. In fact, it is what I like about you (you are an original!).


Which amounts to what…3 posts from 15 years ago? Whenever a Canadian issue comes up, we can set our watches to your eventual schadenfreudistic joy at the situation. It’s boring as fuck.


It’s like a broken tape player at this stage.


Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. Turkey confit.


OMG Toesave, there are old, rightist ( allegedly) farts here , trying to remember short words…now this.:smirk:


It’s a bit of a mouthful.


Taiwan English News has not reported on this case. I think you mean Taiwan News.

They are two separate websites.

One uses dodgy English, and the other one don’t.


Sorry about that! I did mean the dodgy Taiwan News.


About seven inches, by my reckoning.


just to pile on


Great contribution! I see myself as a Lou Gossett Jr. sort of character in an Officer and a Gentlemen. I want my countrymen to aspire to be more than dealers or slackers. It is a Herculean labour.


seems like it is the Americans fucking up lately with all that killing and blazing in front of ATT and what not.
Canadians had their day in the sun, now its time to MAGA, especially when it comes to shinanigans in ole Taiwan.


Thank you. I thought you deserved a path back.


Or maybe Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket?


Idk, MCGA is coming too


your pretty boy PM run afoul of them Proud Boys up north? With good lad Gavin, and Squeeky Jordan B Theist, its turning hard right in the true north.


Or maybe even the Gere character (although I am not into gerbils). I am trying to get the factory workers in an Officer and a Gentlemen (equivalent to the backpacker teachers) into upward social mobility.