Canadian murdered in Yonghe


They are not the smartest bunch to begin with. Trying to make money by selling weed in Taiwan? :laughing:

So murdering him and getting away with it was a reasonable thought for those crime masterminds.


Nein, you have to get rid of all traces of the body. Without a body there isn’t much of a case unless on CCTV.


What’s the latest ?


Seems the guy “Ewart Odane Bent” confessed…


Old news


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Another American arrested :


(Delete, Charlie just beat me…)


I was going to ask if he was arrested in an Uber :smirk:


Interesting. It says the new suspect is the one who set off fireworks on the opposite river bank, not the Canadian ABC as previously claimed.


LTN says he bought gasoline to burn the evidence. That doesn’t seem to fit what we’ve heard about the murder. LTN calls him “Jason Ho”.


See how they put a picture of the guy and his kids. Something you would find in FB but the byline says only the reporter´s name. Mmmm.


This is how it goes: cops say, we cannot find evidence against them, why can´t we find evidence? Ah, it must be that they burned it! Someone must have burne dit using…fireworks! We already mentioned that, no, no… then it must be gasoline! Of course, tehy must buy gasoline, they all have scooters…

Except they went to teh park by bike, right?


But if they had a brain they would be dangerous.


Not to mention that if you start a fire in the middle of the city, even if it is by the riverbank at midnight, chances are pretty good that someone would see it.


The ones that do are dangerous.

The motto here is foreigners are bad because they do drugs. All foreigners are bad because all do drugs. So why give them furriners a chance? Expel them anyway you can!

It really pisses me off everyone using the picture of this guy and his kids. If they have access to his FB, why do they pick that one? Ellicit sympathy I do not think so.


The new suspect’s name is Jason Hobbie. He was apparently traced by the eagle tattoo on his back. The poor guy is 46, married with kids, and teaches English in a bushiban.


Wow, kind of a nightmare scenario…


This is why you keep your Facebook private or just delete it.


EDIT: No, this is not Jason’s house being attacked, it is an old story Jason commented on…

Hmm… Irony…

“The family members who live at the same house should be charged as well. They live there and they know what he was doing. They should be held accountable as well”

“The family members living in the house know what he was doing, they are just as responsible as the guy who was doing this sick thing to this little girl.”

“Just like if your drive a friend to a bank and he robs the bank you get charge with bank robbery just like the guy who went in the bank.”

“This little girl went through hell during her short life, when a child is bruised and have broken bones all the time then they know what’s going on, beside that it said it the news report that that guy got drunk and beat the girl they know what was going on.”

“I’m not talking about family members who are not living in the same house as this little girl, just the members who are living in the same house. This little baby should of been protected from this. If people are living in a house where this crap is happening then they should do everything in there power to protect these kids. That all I am saying.”

“Agree they animal and the family members living in that house should have there day in court but, maybe this is what needed to hopefully warn off other who might do this in the future. Not sure. Just my opinion”


Ouch. Brian is so right.