Canadian murdered in Yonghe


WEIRD, so this guy must know that everyone else has already been caught. Why is he still chilling in Taiwan? Why not get the F out.


“He smiled, knowing right away what I was getting at, and said he was already working on finding the right kind of toaster for the task.”

Good gracious…


Not weird, no evidence so why worry?


Home delivery options, too:


Do they deliver to prison?


I reckon that suspicious looking fox was involved.


Us furriners are really mucked up. I’m subconsciously staring at other furriners lately wondering what crazy sh*t that one might be up to.


His new slogan may be different than the Tired of eating at 7-11 slogan? in the article. Needs to be replaced possibly with Taipei prison. Of course, innocent until proven guilty. Taiwan`s media often forgets that!


Family obviously, and maybe he didn’t have direct involvement like he claims.
He might be innocent we don’t know.


Don’t know the guy but making a personal observation.
I know you can’t tell a person by how he looks but the guy doesn’t fit the killer profile. Family guy, here many years and runs a side food biz.
I don’t doubt he got hooked up with the wrong guys but id be inclined to believe him. Just a personal intuition.

It would be an easy thing to check the SMS system to see if that’s actually what the texted him re scooter having no gas.


I get this impression too. I think they asked him for supplies and he provided them without knowing the context. A case of picking the wrong friends. But it will take such SMS messages to prove being an accessory was not premeditated.


I also think the other guys might be narcing out other people to try to cover their tracks.
It’s not me… it’s that gas delivery guy


That’s exactly what I thought! They must have proof. Otherwise, why blur all the other faces? Otherwise, all the pictures tell us is a guy with arms and legs goes places with his kids, eats dinner, and drinks in a pub. There’s no point to posting random pictures from someone’s personal FB page. It means you expect little from your readers. If they have a picture of him with the victim or perps, at any place involved, or even his tattoo, sure, it’s relevant to the story. Posting random pictures no one bothered to lock down is lazy journalism. So it was the fox or Taipei Times sucks.


I’m not going to bring petrol to someone I’m acquainted with if they just ask for it. I’m probably not going to do it for a friend if they just ask. I probably would ignore the text if a friend asked and gave a very good reason. I just don’t like doing stuff. I doubt he knew about the murder, but he possibly knew they were up to something.


Me either. I am there for friends but not as a personal shopper or for hard-labour work.:sunglasses: Do not waste my time on such shit. When people ask for such things, warning lights, as you mention, should go off in someone`s head if you are an erudite intellectual who is physically lazy. But when these are old army buddies (they both served in the ME) or a friend who gave you tattoos or just an over-friendly Yank, you might not be as distant/aloof/distrustful. His fault was his dog-like loyalty to some bad folks.


Now you know how we all feel when we read your posts.


I’m thinking of myself.
I have a few of the furriners in my building on line, there not my best buds but we have shared a coffee or two on occasion.

If one of them lined me that they ran out of gas and was I convenient to help I likely would assuming I wasn’t working that day and it was convenient, as in not too far away.
I’d be kinda pissed but if it was a one off thing I’d be inclined to help. Call me seriously naive.


Yeah, but fireworks? I don’t see any situation where fuel and fireworks go together. They weren’t just asking for it, but asking him to set off fireworks.


Yeah, that is fucked up.


So three of the four suspects are former soldiers. What is it with these ex-military guys?