Canadian murdered in Yonghe


Areyou saying…an accomplice dumped the clothes?
Possible, or possible they brought a chance of clothes in the backpacks.


What do they use to test if you have been smoking some dannnnnkkk muthhaa fuckkkin chronic?

They just legalized weed in my country but have serious issue in testing people who are driving while impaired by it. I’m wondering how taiwan can have a better system to test if your under the “influence” compared to janadah.

Ahhh, just thought of this after I wrote this dumb post. Do they just make you take a piss test proving you have weed in your system? So even if you smoked some grass months ago you’ll still be in shit/deported?

Orrrr what’s the punishment anyway?


Yep. Everyone will be tested. Owner will be fined. Guilty by association of being under the same roof, especially if it is a private home, then a public establishment.


Don’t tell them they can test your hair for drug usage.

All I am saying is keep an eye out in your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious, flee.

Worse case scenario is deportation.


I am just repeating what the cops/press are saying. They speculate the clothes could have been in the backpack. They now say the clothes must have been burned. All along we have yet to see evidence of any additional set of clothes.

Same validity as the statement that the dog was a mule and the OP Taiwan’s weed Escobar.


So, I think this is nonsense. You will not be deported just for being in the same establishment in which someone does drugs/is in possession of drugs.


Many people seem very worried about this thing of being found in a venue where other people use drugs…uhm…

do you guys have anything to depor…I mean, report? Asking for a friend


That’s not true. There’s even a poster on here who described his experience of being caught with cannabis which he admitted was his in a police raid on his home, he’s still in Taiwan.


If you really could be deported for being in the same venue as someone who has weed, of course people would be worried. Half the idiot foreigners in Taiwan smoke weed, and I would say it’s a given that one person in every club has weed on them. Can anyone back up @Icon’s claim with proof?


What if it’s a foreigner convention at Taipei arena…



In a house, definitively big pooper. In an establishment, you will definitely will not have a good time. Take it as a warning. Don’t take it at all. I’ve been here enough to know laws do not make sense nor are applied evenly, but most importantly, a foreigner is on the weak side.


Check local press. Watch the news. Do Google.


You don’t remember the twig story? I am not sure if he was deported but at least did a couple of months in a place he couldn’t just walk out.

Drug laws here are very strict. And the skinny dog gets the fleas.


Yes you won’t be deported afaik. Fine usually and probation of some sort. Just a few years ago it see.ed everybody got jail sentences.
If you have a certain amount then you are classified as a dealer.

Just the hassle with the police and the criminal record and employers and blackmark for residence applications and then being in the drug dealers phones…Just why would people bother.


So, haven’t been in Taiwan that long but seems to me to be more or less the same as anywhere else in Asia. If you got the cash you are in a stronger position than if you didn’t. Just as if you know people in government who can help you you are in a stronger position than if you didn’t.

Foreigners are not on the weak side as many on this forum seem to think due to some automatic treatment reduction due to the passport they hold. Foreigners are on the weak side for the same reason some junky is, they don’t have the cash and/or connections

Or are you seriously telling me that you think the weaker party in a e.g traffic accident between a foreign top executive at TSMC and a beatle nut chewing gas delivery guy is the executive ?


No I don’t, perhaps you can enlighten everyone. If you’re “not sure if he was deported” why would you state;

As if it was a fact?


It will not be in your piss anymore, it’ll be in your hair. You could go bald!


Nope. I agree. Guanxi and money do triumph, here and anywhere else. Most foreigners though are salary men.

And little diplomatic immunity, ask any embassy or representative office who has had their car towed away…several times.


Others who have been found with weed not even enough for a twig have been deported. After being paraded on tv and gracing Apple Daily. Yes, for weed.

What I am trying is to instill the seriousness of the situation. Those of us from places where weed is actually a weed and legal find it overboard. Here, they demonize the devil’s grass in any quantity or context. Hence, the heads up.


In the home country you buy hemp seeds, mostly used for angling (fishing bait). But you could not grow it! Weird, isn’t it?