Canadian murdered in Yonghe


We do not need to grow it. There is a reason it is called weed. Damn thing grows by itself in the weirdest places.




I have heard of some stories that involved massive amounts of drugs and people high and the police decided to blame ONE person for the whole mess and ship him back home.


One of the more famous expat busts began with a raid on info from a local snitch (as are 99% of all investigations instigated). There were about 10 friends at his place when it happened. They were all taken into the Keelung Coast Guard jail (smuggling was the major issue) and told to return the next day with a urine sample. They all left the country.

1 of the 10 did return some years later, was immediately hooked, booked and cooked for 35 days in the “hospital where you can barely see the barbed wire”, did his daily 5-hour group meditations, was released and is now living here as a very successful entrepreneur and artist.

I think the reason they were let go and not held until samples could be collected is that the target of the raid immediately confessed to being the “owner” of the contraband.

The prosecution then tried for the death penalty for him. He ended up with 15 years, did 10 plus about 2 for pre-sentencing “time served” and is now home in the loving arms of his family. Fit as fuck but haggard and drawn.

Obviously, this is a zero tolerance country where the word of a jilted lover or an angry neighbour is enough to get a warrant.

The cops rely solely on snitches and stupidity (smoking openly in front of a club???) for their info.

As the rest of the free world is coming to grips with the ridiculousness of marijuana prohibition, expect Taiwan to be the last domino to fall. Scheduling weed as an equal or worse drug than ketamine just shows you how willfully ignorant authorities are to the situation. They will spout all kinds of lame-ass excuses, but the crux of it is the ROC and their “memory” of the opium wars.

I had an occasion to share Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s epic come to Jesus videos (1, 2, 3, 4) with a major player in the Taiwan Medical community, which definitively prove that weed has untold medicinal applications, and he refused to even entertain the idea. This is a man dedicated to healing and promoting Taiwan’s place on the world’s medical stage and the cognitive dissonance was so strong that he, after making several lame arguments (addictive, etc…), just refused to talk about it.

So, if you like recreational weed, Taiwan is not the place for you. If you are holding out hope that your chemo, or chronic back pain, or your child stricken with Dravet’s Syndrome can get any help from THC, or if you are an aging athlete that is playing well below his years and could use some CBDs to elongate his/her prowess on the field/ice/pitch/diamond/court…move to Canada, cuz it ain’t ever gonna happen here.


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Are we sure that Ari Shaffir didn’t do it? He has been to Asia, and Oz and him are dead look alikes. Check out JRE MMA Show #46 if u too are in thenile.


This is like the 3 stooges plus 1. Not sure how the Canadian Taiwanese has been allowed to walk. Nothing in his story adds up. And then there’s Bent or whatever his name going on about his 'crew" and not fucking with them. So that means there’s at least 3 or 4 of them that organise this stupid shit.


More news:

“Taipei police have arrested a Gambian man for allegedly possessing cannabis after a tip-off from his Taiwanese wife, who also provided information that linked him with a Canadian man whose dismembered body was found at a riverside park in August.”


Bitch did what?


Source? Quick way to get rid of a spouse.


He must have been a very naughty boy to have warranted that. A lot more than rocking back home at 3am.




Maybe siding with the wife here


Just how many times do I have to tell foreigners here not to trust their wives of girlfriends about anything involving wacky backy. Best never to smoke wacky backy in this "country " but if you insist on it then at least dont tell your other halves if they are locals, sure she’s so cool with it now until …


Hi Brad, I would think at least 258 times, but I guess we can start a poll on that.


Taiwan is a “country”, now?


This used to happen so much it wasn’t even funny.
Pretty much anytime a foreigner got did for dealing weed, you could bank on it being because his local girlfriend/wife was pissed at him and ratted his dumb ass out.


I thought “Taiwan” was a “country”…


She could have been naughtier, and carried out a pre-emptive strike :wink:


Why do you put country in scare quotes? Last I checked, Taiwan is a country… well, maybe not according to Beijing, but stuff them.