Canadian murdered in Yonghe


Also, yeah, generally it’s not cool to keep secrets and do shady shit like deal drugs (and possibly act as an accomplice to murder) behind your wife’s back. Maybe she felt threatened by his lifestyle, who knows. Not saying she should dob him in or not, but don’t blame this on Taiwanese women like it’s so out of order or such a betrayal. Like @BiggusDickus said it’s not like having a late night at the pub, ffs.


She’d have to be pretty stupid to get married to this guy while basically understanding nothing about what type of person he is.


It happens.

People not really knowing who they’re getting married to is why there’s so many divorces.


Yep. There’s no cure for stupid. The lesson she’ll probably take from this is that all Africans are drug dealers.


This whole thread revolves around stupid people and their ruinous stupid decisions. It’s like a Coen brothers movie.


An enterprising Forumosan should try pitching this to the studios. :sunglasses:


Anyone remember the DJ Chocolate fiasco?


Yep. He was a bit of a prick, but he got railroaded.


What’s this DJ thing?


There was plenty of talk of it here if you can find it


Are the media allowed inside the court room during a court case?


The ones we were talking about knew the deal all along, they just didn’t do anything about it until they got mad at the guys.
there was that one guy, back in the mid-90s, I think?
@the_bear and jonesie will probably remember him, he’d been dealing weed for a long time and his girlfriend knew all about it, and then she found out he had a wife (and kids??) in Thailand and she went mental.
She calls the cops and tells them to come over and she even shows them where his stash is up in the ceiling or some friggin deal.



They sound like they both suck for admittedly different reasons.


Apple Daily, as you can imagine, was all over that one.



Blimey! They didn’t mess about with concepts like due process back then


His wife was connected all the way to the top of the KMT and the triads. So, yeah…

Best gig I ever did in Taiwan was with Charles. 6 minutes beating a bongo whilst bikini clad models walked around me. 10,000 in the hand.


I met him once in that club on Hoping near Guting. I think he liked me lol


2nd Floor?


Was that the name? it was on the second floor