Canadian murdered in Yonghe

It is and it isn’t…


I phrased things poorly. The person I knew that was bipolar was dishonest, and his dishonesty was probably exacerbated in magnitude by his bipolar disorder.
But correct , if you are bipolar it doesn’t mean you are dishonest.

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ok get your meaning

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That’s hilarious but I think it will get temped lol

I see what you did there :sunglasses:

there are many odd foreigners here but nothing compared to Bangkok
On a scale of one to ten in weird people rating I’d give London a 4 New York a 5 Taipei a 6 and Bangkok an 8

land of hookers and pad thai? Uh. isn’t that Thailand?

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They both have lots of beaches

Fish on the hook :wink:

How does buddy even find his way home from work every day???

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Anyone in their right mind would not stay here that long.

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You forgot to mention fake degrees on Khaosan Rd for backpackers.:sunglasses::laughing:

The three go together like Tom, Dick and Harry.

Is there a degree course in “Fraud”, I’m asking for a friend

Thailand will provide papyrus documents in anything for backpackers.

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I think nowadays the education ministry is onto those with fake diplomas. As I know they call to verify it’s legit but in the past took it at face value.

Whats the latest on this? No Israeli lawyers coming over to defend the guy? No family in the news defending the guys .

Swept under the judicial rug I guess where they will linger for a looooooong time.

Enquiring minds want to know

We jes curious Katz is all

The trial begins

Looks like this case is on the back page of Forumosa now

Not like front page news when it came out

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