Canadian murdered in Yonghe



Yeah, this is not really going to be the trial of the century


Right now it’s a case of he said , he said.
They are trying to put the blame on each other


Scoundrels last effort at avoiding justice …Lucky they won’t get the death penalty.


They really act like they walked off the set of a Coen brothers movie. What a couple of bumbling, fucking idiots.


Beware the dumbfcuks because you have no idea what they are capable of. They are able to achieve a new level of low.

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Now in short story form

They seemed like fun-loving foreigners living it up in Taiwan. But below the surface was a gruesome story.

The Expat English Teachers’ Murderous Triangle, Joe Henley is a freelance writer, author and musician, based in Taipei, Taiwan.


He called Yuanshan bucolic…K-Man could have some competition in the purple prose department.


Poor dog. What happened to Lu Lu?


I can never view pages it is just blank.


Lulu is with the original rescue group and doing fine. They will never let her be adopted again.


She is under witness protection. Her location is secret for her safety.


Isn’t it great that people can regurgitate what was already printed instead of doing any type of investigative reporting to find the truth? It makes me angry to hear “opinions” for what happened. It’s almost like they want to feel safer by attributing this to the evil foreigners. With that said, I think those two in jail are responsible. I still believe that a crime this gruesome was done to send a signal to others and there has to be mafia involved. I have nothing to base this on other than the story doesn’t make sense. The first question that went through my mind and everyone else’s was what did Ryan do to deserve this. And after a split second, I remember that it would be hard for anyone to do anything to deserve this. I didn’t even know Ryan but I did go to the police station to take care of a friend who did. Listening to the police laughing about the foreigner this and foreigner that right after they discovered his body is a memory that I’ll never get out of my head and makes me hope that I would matter to someone enough for someone to come find me.
There was not a “decoy” memorial. Organizers were trolled and set up a new location last minute to let people safely say their peace without harassment.


Strange as it may sound her being a dog, it makes sense as she may show a reaction when the murderers are brought in front of her,


I heard from one of his friends that Lulu is a nervous dog. When Ryan was with them, she was ok around friends but if he stepped outside, she’d bark at them as if she forgot who they were. So I think Lulu will bark at everyone. I’m sure she remembers all too well and too bad she can’t talk.


Thanks, i have a Dashund that my daughter rescued. :+1:
Do you have a page where small donations can be made to the rescue group?


Did they check her teeth for human DNA?


sweet jesus


I love the rescue dogs. I’m not sure which group has her. There are many good groups here in Taiwan to donate to.