Canadian murdered in Yonghe

No, and they almost lost her, so :shushing_face:

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Why does that not surprise me:rage:

She was lost from the police station! I went there with my friend to get Lulu some medical treatment because one the guys who found him called my friend to help. As they were taking the person who called to the morgue, Lulu slipped out of her collar and was wondering scared around the neighborhood. We looked for hours for her and rescue group found her late in the evening with the help of local citizens and got her face sewn up. If it wasn’t for Lulu and the friends, they wouldn’t have found him so quickly. She’s a good girl.


Those are the they I refer to. I mean, I know the police station doors are open all the time but … sigh.

Oh well, better not mention her so they won´t remember her…that is why I say :shushing_face:


I would pay money to send @Icon to visit the Land of 10,000 Pronouns, aka Canuckistan, specifically (I think) to somewhere in a far-western province in a nice diverse, hipster area, and just observe. (would be sure to send Bobby along for protection, btw, in case of international incident.)

Resident of LA: Did you see that streak of fire? What the hell was that?!
Fellow resident: I dunno but she and that little dog were being chased south by like a hundred torch-bearing, bearded persons with their skirts hitched up!

You guys need the Real Academia de la Lengua Española, even if it is to disagree.


Sentenced yet?whats the latest?

Haven’t heard anything!

Local news reported that Jason Hobbie’s 19 year old son suddenly passed away in America. He only learned this while in court from the interpreter, as he’s still being detained without visitation rights. Reportedly he burst into tears and is requesting the right to at least call his family in America, but the court is requesting a death certificate first.

I’m not really sure about this Hobbie guy. He was arrested far later than the others, and he wasn’t at the scene… but he did buy the oil and such, so he must have known what was going to happen. I wouldn’t wish the loss of a child on anyone; it’s said to be the worst kind of grief. Ryan’s parents have been going through this grief as well.

Ewart and Hobbie.

Hobbie’s request to be released from solitary confinement due to his 19 year old son’s death has been denied. Apparently Hobbie and Oz both requested release from solitary confinement (Hobbie over his deceased son; Oz over wanting to see his parents) and they were both denied as the judge is concerned they are going to collaborate/hide evidence.

The judge said they will remain in the solitary confinement with no visitors for an additional 2 months, and on a case-by-case basis may allow Hobbie rights to speak with family if provided the family member name, phone number, and relationship to Hobbie. As for Oz he would also need to provide the date/time of meeting with his parents and also a legitimate reason.

This story doesn’t make much sense to me; I can understand that Hobbie would want to speak with his family in the US after learning of his son’s death, but what has Oz got to do with it? And why didn’t Hobbie provide the family information in the first place? It almost sounds like a made up story, until we remember that Hobbie learned that his American son died via the court interpreter, who would have no incentive to make up such a story.

I am worried about their mental health in complete isolation. Yes, they are accused as probable killers, but that kind of situation makes matters worse. It is torture which is banned by human rights convention. And yes, the victim’s right to live was trespassed and these guys if convicted will be given the Death penalty which is not too much along with human rights, but here and most civilized places using torture to elicit confessions is a no no. If it is such a proven shut case, there should be a bit of logic applied. Certainly not all info is given/Taiwan’s press showing its lack of professional ethics again.

Like, if he is incommunicado, how is he going to get a death certificate? Does he have family here to keep an eye on the lawyer? Is the lawyer on the ball?

How did the court translator know about the death?


Yeah seriously messed up way to find about family members death, but doesn’t surprise me.

The long term solitary while awaiting trial …is that normal in many countries ? It is well known solitary confinement is very harsh on the mind.

I’m not just referring to this case but the use of solitary confinement in general .

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Is Hobbie really involved in the murder?
How come he is being much more harshly treated than the Taiwanese American who bought the knives ?
Is he in solitary too or still out on bail

And how did his son die?
He should be allowed to take calls from family

The calls could be recorded if needed to ensure nothing was said about what to say to the police


I think the Taiwanese guy was out and running around initially but now is in solitary and asking to see his parents (if I read the article above correctly ).


It’s because the Taiwanese American was tainted from living in America. He was a good boy who didn’t do anything wrong. Those bad foreigners tricked him!


This would be funny if it didn’t accurately portray the way so many people think.


Don’t worry. Hobbie can always start a YouTube channel and become a famous YouTuber in Taiwan. It’s okay because he only allegedly participated in the murder of a foreigner. No Taiwanese were hurt so it’s all good. :sunglasses:



He’s actually been out of the news cycle for a while. I hope the lack of attention isn’t making him angry. :hushed:


Taipei MRT wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

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