Canadian Passport/Visa?

Hey all,

  Great site! Good job. How come I've been here 3 years and never heard about this place b4?!? Who knows, who knows. Anyway, here's the question: [b]my passport has expired; I've overstayed my visa for who knows how long; now, what do I have to do to leave this damn island?[/b] Can I just go and get a new passport from the Canadian Trade Office thingy, then zip over to the police station, pay my fine and be gone? Or will I be arrested on route, classified as an English teacher for Al Qaeda and sent to Guantanamo? Any info would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Go apply for a new passport at the Canadian Trade Office right now! There’s no problem getting a new passport here. As for the visa - it depends how long you have overstayed. The longer the overstay, the higher the fine.

Sorry to say but you’re likely to be deported for overstaying and may not be able to return for a year or more. They take overstays much more seriously now (unless they changed the rules again).

I was deported after overstaying (no fault or mine, check my 2nd posting on Forumosa if you want to read the story) and was out for 14 months. And I have a wife in this country.