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Let’s hope it doesn’t break down. :laughing:

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US ships there to tow them if needed. :upside_down_face:



I think they keep a couple emergency moose to pull the big canoes eh. Strong swimmers those moose, good pull

Or a pack of beavers.


they’ll use castoreum to fight the Chicoms

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I’m sure everyone else has been following these hearings

The last round of reporting demonstrated that law enforcement was totally confused about what to do

Now, it seems the protest was a mess as well

The parade of not surprising will probably find next that the locals hated it, the city government was at a loss, and the provincial didnt want to get involved

Note the reasonable protest leader here admits he was a racist when he organized and began the convoy. Also, the WEF conspiracy crackpots threateneing to kill Freeland. Peaceful and reasonable protest? Maybe some of it. A serious social movement? My opinion is the same as it was back then

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Aww. Poor Trudsy. He only wants his style of tyranny imposed upon the Canadian people:

2013, question to Trudy: “Which nation, besides Canada, which nation’s administration do you most admire, and why?”

The future prime minister’s odd answer: “You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China ….”

Q: “China? Why China?”

Turdeau: “Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…"

Turn to 2022:

It’s all coming back to bite him in the ass:

No doubt he’s again counting on his uncle, Anal Schwab, to bail him out of this one.

Also the lack of a serious challenger. Jagmeet would rather support the Liberals and PP’s flirtations with nutbag conspiracy theorists isn’t going to help him with the majority of voters. As ineffectual as Trudeau has been, the biggest threat to his next reelection is that he’s been in power too long and the voters will be ready for a change… in a few years when it is election time again. In the meantime, he doesn’t need bailing out of anything.

He doesnt, canada does though! sadly there seems little in the way of awesome alternatives.

I haven’t voted for NDP for ages, but in a year or 2 will see where they sit and start considering them. Torry and liberal are just too cringy to consider in my opinion.

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You misunderstood my point.

WEF man bad?

Ha ha. So fun fun.

Also a true statement (sans question mark).

Trudy’s whole life is a Klaus bailout, one way or another.

Imagine how confused non canadians must be with the different names one gives a single man. To be honest, I was thinking for a minute who this Trudy lady is you speak of. now I get it haha. This is why I like using standard insults like “douche bag” or something so people understand that is connected to the name.

But agreed. Trudy is truly a D bag!

Justa Castreau?

Justprick Castreau?


There’s a few of them around.

Apparently, Chinese affectionately refer to him as “Little Potato,” (小土豆) on account of his surname sounding a lot like the Chinese word for potato (tudou ).



One commissioner remarked, “Treaty Indians have been carrying race-based cards their entire lives, so this is a step toward equity in Alberta,”

Hilarious. Apart from the categories for the indigenous, here are the options:

According to the Statistics Canada website, the options would appear as follows:

  • South Asian (e.g., Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan)
  • Chinese
  • Black
  • Filipino
  • Arab
  • Latin American
  • Southeast Asian (e.g., Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai)
  • West Asian (e.g., Iranian, Afghan)
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • None of the above — specify:
  • Unable to self-identify
  • Refusal to self-identify

Also stated: “The methods for identifying race could include both self-identification and officer perception of the person in question.”

Officer: “What’s your race ?”

Driver: “The human race.”

Officer: “Imma gonna call you Filipino.”

I guess I’ll be riding the bus. I don’t see “Asshole” as a choice.

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Everything is fine:

You’re allowed to add your own choice :slight_smile:

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