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Some, sure. Recently. I get your point, but e d of the day it means Canada doesn’t have health care for everyone. I am pro immigration. I don’t call immigrants poached. I wasn’t poached in Canada to come here. Well, actually I was by a vagina, but not a work related head hunt haha. I see no problem with a country allowing immigrants that are qualified to enter and work. If we trained more domestically, there may be an argument for not needing g them. But that style has completely fucked Canadians and causes unnecessary pain and suffering and a lot of loss of life

I am too. Just in some select professions, not sure if it makes sense to take from countries with huge shortages. Canada asked to recruit fewer South African doctors - PMC (

Very dated from 2001:
South Africa’s high commissioner to Canada has issued an unprecedented formal appeal to Canada’s health ministers to stop recruiting doctors and other health professionals from South Africa.

In a letter to provincial and the federal health ministers, André Jaquet said that he was concerned that, given Canada’s shortages of healthcare specialists and massive new healthcare funding announced by the federal government last September, recruiting efforts would increase among South Africa’s doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, and other health workers. This could further undermine his country’s ability to reform the poor health infrastructure inherited from its apartheid past.

Slightly more recent: Brain drain of African doctors has saved Canada $400-million - The Globe and Mail

One shitty system leaching from another system. So it goes.

Personally I am all for free education for doctors with the condition, under co tract, say a decade work within the province they studied. Only after then will the tuition be refunded. Or something along those lines.

If canada isnt/won’t train enough doctors in house, it only makes sense to import some. Maybe canada can write a similar letter to other countries lol.

I wonder why this is. My guess would be that medical schools have some magic number of students they will accept, and they always take the best to fill those slots, and everyone else who is good enough for the program but not good enough to beat the competition will go off to become a doctor in the US or the Bahamas, or maybe decide to do a graduate degree in something else (one of the top reasons people become K12 teachers is they didn’t get intonthe graduate program they wanted).

I understand scaling up medical schools isn’t easy, but that seems like kind of an obvious tool to solve this problem. And totally possible.

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The only hurdle I see is simple incentives: how to make incentives without them becoming essentially payouts/bribes/etc that breed entitlement. That’s a hard line to navigate. Either way, Canada needs to do it. Sadly, the country isn’t famous for traversing such situations with great success.

Weren’t UK citizens banned from buying real estate last week?

Obamaaa, also liked his 7 wars. I wonder if Machine Gun rubbed off on him for the wrong reasons.

I believe the ban on foreign home buyers was extended for 2 years. This started 2 years ago, and doesn’t apply just to UK citizens

Edit: here you go

Are there any new restrictions for non resident citizens?

Article mentioned corporations, are those just foreign companies or also local ones?

My reading is that there is nothing new, and only foreign nationals and companies are affected

The rule, which was first announced in 2022, will now be extended until the beginning of 2027. It bans foreign nationals and commercial enterprises from buying residential property in Canada

In BC, it’s just 1 percent being foreigners. It’s the NIMBYism preventing new builds, and the skills shortages to build new houses, and the punitive costs to build, that are the structural problems. This is taking a band aid to put on a gunshot wound.

There is still a huge building boom in Southern BC.

Edit. Every year or so I like to check out prices when bored. This is what Vancouver Island looks like. Central, not even a Victoria or Nanaimo type hub.

Makes sense the government is trying to stop foreign speculation.

Does this affect the principle of equality and reciprocity for Canadians or BCers buying property in Taiwan? Anyone come upon this?

The principle of equality and reciprocity is applied here. If the country where the foreigner is from allows Taiwanese citizens to buy properties there, then Taiwan will also allow foreigners from that country to buy properties in Taiwan.

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Until recently, no. Now Canada seems to have limited foreign buyers. I have only read about it just recently, still not up to snuff on the situation. But until then, it has been skewed against foreigners in Taiwan, in comparison to Canada at least. Despite having business, family, children, long standing relations etc etc, I still can’t own a farm here. Nor can any non citizen. In fact, they even gave me then stripped away my farmer status in insurance when I switched to aprc. Canada has, in recent history, used residency rather than citizenship for many benefits.

Both countries have pros and cons, and it seems both don’t exactly welcome foreigners anymore in this regard. Fair points to be made that this may not be the best fix, but it is an easy one.

In short, there never was reciprocity, and it was really stupid Taiwan would try to claim this.


On Trump, I don’t trust the polls

On Trudeau, I don’t know, I think he should step down

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I weep for my country yet also have a certain degree of schadenfreude to a country that has gone way too woke and PC.

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Mulcair had been eminently sensible in his editorials, and this one is no different

Although he doesn’t point out that so many Canadians are uninterested in (or, hostile towards) the woke shit, and seems to have forgotten the various ethics scandals (some of which are worth relembering, here I’m thinking McKinsey), at least he reminds readers that Poilievre is a total wanker

@ChewDawg, did you know Quebec has a successful hybrid health system? I think that’s news to me

Not the health system, the Pharmacare health system if you read the fine print.

And most provinces have it hybrid. If you’re poor it is free, if you’re working poor it ain’t, but if you have private such as Pacific Blue Cross, it’s heavily subsidized. Canada’s pharm, optometry and dentistry are world class and hybrid. The core public system isn’t.

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Over 120,000 small businesses disappeared during Covid. I will never forget what the Covid authoritarians did to us.

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Make no mistake, let’s just be real. The government and social unrest did this, not the pandemic [ie. The virus]. Our reaction to the pandemic closed those businesses. I think it is worthy to not bandwagon on either side of a narrative, but just be unbiased in reporting the reality. This isn’t saying that is good nor bad, just we need to stop misrepresenting reality.

Our reactions cause a lot of things. Both good and bad. With covid, well…the data should represent the truth. Should.