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Not surprised by the weak school board response to this bullying.
Ian Miles Cheong on X: “A 14-year-old girl in was assaulted on camera by an older girl for being Jewish. This happened at the Leo Hayes HS in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. It comes after months of bullying. The teachers gave her attacker five days suspension and when she returned to school, the” / X (

Who is the bald guy?

i am confused

Bystanders not doing anything?

But the guy accused the one who got attacked of attacking the other girl after watching what happened.

And she said that he gave her permission to attack her.


Always funny watching 2 CCP sympathizers, or at least “bitches”, go at each other lol. Like watching bum wars, but with eralthy people…both are equally as cringey as all fuck. for very similar reasons :joy:

I don’t know how Trudeau maintains his ego, just like it makes no sense Musk maintains his NASA or other government contracts. Both are overtly self serving peices of shit.