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No problem. I just hope we can broaden the topics. I welcome others to discuss canadian politics

Dicey, a lot of complexity there; my question is, what happens next?

The conservatives forced the vote. All the cabinet but one abstained.

The biggest surprise is the Bloc added an amendment which pushes Canada to ask them IOC to relocate the Olympics.

Expect a temper tantrum from China.

Hopefully other countries will follow Canada’s lead

Nothing says Im serious like a section of the canadian government giving them a “non binding” message!

Wasnt canada called out by the us for planning military execises in the arctic with the PLA?

To be honest, i see Canada as a massively hypocritical puppet just bouncing around different puppetmasters hands but spewing the odd right thing to let the dispersed population to carr on and say at the dinner table “Ya, well you know…at least…” and etc.

Has this government done anything at all serious towards china other than sort of helping the US on occasion? i mean, we arent Gambia or Germany bad, but far from decent still. No?

Look at the Huawei situation, no one will back them up. They took Hung into custody and have been punished with no allies stepping up. The two Michael’s are being tortured in prison for 2 years now

Yes. Sad that it only takes 2 people to scare canada into defeat. Look what china has done to taiwan. Or other countries. Balls of steel.

You mean where Taiwan invests massively in the PRC in retaliation?

sarcasm about canada being cowardly after 2 arrests of their citizens and doing nothing meaningful about china. except of course collaborating with them until they get called out haha…

I’m outta freebies for the G&M, but the headline looks like good news

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I can’t read the article you’ve posted, but I’m guessing it’s due to oil and housing markets there. CAD got stronger recently as well.

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There’s a lot of that going around- US and UK increasing trade with China more than EU, while talking themselves up…
Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou at the request of the US, which then sat back and did nothing (speaking of being cowardly) while Canada took the brunt of the fall-out.

More on the coming springback post-COVID in Canada

I’ve had a great deal of respect for Dr. Christakis since the video of him being yelled at by students at Yale in 2015

Ya exactly. Except that there has very little revenge for her arrest. Just 2 arrests of canadians and the rest is all bs. Sucks for them, no question and canada ought to boycott the prc fucks, but canadas balls are right up around throat level…meanwhile lets have some arctic PLA military training excercises with them, that sounds like a fantastic idea.

Its ironic how woke canada claims it is and they are one of many mistresses of the CCP at the same time. I have very little respect for people that are such hypocrites, regardless of party affiliation.

Possibly they are developing a little (probably very little) more backbone towards China. Would make nice change