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He is absolutely not making the point that “there is no cultural genocide.”

It’s obvious you are unfamiliar with the basic findings in the Final Report of the Indian Residential School Truth and Reconciliation Commission chaired by Justice Murray Sinclair. If you’re actually interested in learning some things, read it. And if not, I would encourage you to stop opining on topics with which you are clearly ignorant.

Yes this is clear.

You receive points here for candour. Now see if you can also up your game on the circumspection front, especially as it pertains to your breezy views on the harm inflicted on people.


He was right on that one, though

Which isn’t perfect

But on this point there can be no doubt.

We can debate the amount of responsibility present day Indigenous have for their situation (I would argue, some), the amount of personal responsibility present day Canadians have for the past (I would argue none, unless they are so old they were alive at the time, can’t be many left), how much responsibility the Catholic church and Canadian governments have for the past and the present (I would argue, billions isn’t unreasonable if reasonably spent), but on the question of whether cultural genocide (cultural, mind you) occurred, there is no question.

This is a sad historical fact. I don’t mind my tax dollars doung something to help. And yes, I still file and pay them from Taiwan

You’re also making my point. This poison is handicapping Western countries. Truth and Reconciliation and Human Rights Tribunals and Courts seem to be a big joke nowadays. Better not to force feed kids this nonsense. We will take our country back. We will make Canada strong again. We will make Canada rich again. We will make Canada proud again. We will make Canada respected again… and we will MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN

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Were you one of those people wearing the orange ‘Every Child Matters’ during the mass hysteria caused by the fake mass grave hoax? Funny how not a single body has been uncovered yet. What a scam. Fake history. The Chinese are impressed

Opened google, typed in human rights tribunal Canada, opened one of the articles that popped up on first page. All of 30 seconds. Total ideological poison. You want your kids subjected to this?! No way. Keep em Taiwan, for all it’s faults at least they are free here

Stuff like this:

"“Black people can be treated adversely in the workplace because of a conscious or unconscious stereotype of Black people being criminals, dishonest, of questionable moral character or poor,” Mema said in his argument. "

"Tribunal chair Ohler found that while Mema “certainly made poor decisions” regarding his use of the corporate card, “I am satisfied on a balance of probabilities that – however subconsciously – pernicious stereotypes of a Black man as less honest or trustworthy factored into the misconduct report.”

Canada, land of danger—at least according to the Government of India.



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Lots of tension between Canada and India at the moment. Perhaps Trudeau should hold a fashion show.



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Found this article from 1971 in ‘The Leader Post’. The indigenous peoples were asking for the residential schools to be kept open. The chief says there was discrimination. No doubt some of these places were quite brutal, but we’ve seen this all over the world in all sorts of institutions with all races and cultures. The Irish suffered tremendously.

Some unsavory words like “discipline” the article but overall looks like they were trying to help people and there was a healthy debate, not ‘cultural genocide’ what a ridiculous term to use. “My Viking heritage has been culturally genocided”…

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And no doubt there were some schools that had a positive on some students

But the social problems the kids faced at home are arguably the result of having parents who weren’t raised by parents, but by priests

Certainly that’s how the 1971 reporting looks, but what about the 1931 private meetings? Wr don’t know.

What we do know, it isn’t a debate, is that children were forcibly removed from their families. This prevents the transmission of norms and values, when those children grow up they don’t know their place in the world, they don’t know how to be parents to their children. They have lost more than just their language.

So yeah, not surprising the situation was so bad in 1971, after 50 years of deliberately strangling the indigenous cultures to death.

India has also stopped visa services for Canadians

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Fake history. If you read the Office of Indian Affairs reports as far back as 1910 and a vast amount of literature on the subject, there was nothing but good intent to uplift and help people. Life was in many cases vastly better at the residential schools. Some of them were mix blood and whites in attendance too.
Throughout the 20th century many aboriginals fought hard to keep them open. Best thing Canada can do to finally solve this ridiculous nonsense is to stop treating ‘First Nations’ as some type of delicate protected zoo animal, and engage them in society as “Canadians”. See the Chinese as example, they had it awful too, look at them now.