Canadian Representative Office

Ok… I did a few searches for this and can’t find the info listed here. Can someone tell me the name and contact information for the Canandian representative office in Taipei? I want to go talk to them about immigration issues for me and my dear one.

Maybe it would be good for the ‘powers that be’ to list the different representative office locations, or at least provide links to their websites, if they haven’t already. If they have already done this, I apologize, as I couldn’t figure out where.


Canadian Trade Office in Taipei

13F 365 Fuxing N. Rd, Taipei



That’s a tough one:

Thanks Flicka.

And, for the mods, if you are going to move a thread, maybe you could at least notify the original poster. Took me forever to figure out where this had gone to, since I’m pretty sure I put this in the “Open Forum” initially.