Canadian Seals vs. Seal-clubbers: who ya rooting for?

Who were you rooting for: seals or hunters?

  • Seals. I’m glad so many of them got away and the would-be seal murderers were miserable
  • Hunters. Man owns the ocean. I hope next year thay get twice as many seals.

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The facts:

More than 300 sailors intent on killing seals have been trapped in ice for over a week.

These boats are engaged in the highly controversial seal hunt. Over the last three years, 1 million seals have been killed, and animal rights activists say they’re sometimes killed in inhumane ways. Now it is the hunters who are in danger.

"Many of the vessels have run out of provisions, fresh water, fuel in some cases…

An estimated 60,000 seals have been spared because of the stranded ships.

“More than one million baby seals have been slaughtered in the last three years alone,” said Daisey Meadowbrook, IFAW’s representative in Second Life. “This is the largest marine mammal hunt in the world, and combined with the effects of global warming, it puts the world’s harp seal population at increased risk of depletion.”

Who are you rooting for? Seeals or seal-hunters?

The clubbers. Seal? That guy’s music sucks.

I hope they’re all OK but that the clubbers think about the suffering and mortality of their ‘prey’ while they contemplate their own.

I’m not against hunting per se, but seal ‘hunting’ is cruel and unnecessary and all those who partake in it should be left stranded on ice for many days.

I’m with JD. If clubbers want to kill Seal, I think they should get a medal, not punished.

As long as the hunt is sustainable and the killing of the seals as humane as possible, it should be OK.

I rote for the clubbers, if they run out of food, they can catch, kill and eat some seals.

Water - they are on ice, fer chrissakes.

Nobody buys seal meat:
“For 2004, only Taiwan and South Korea purchased seal meat from Canada.” Wikipedia: Seal_hunting

You can try it for yourself in this virtual simulation of seal clubbing:

And a joke:
So a seal walks into a club. NO… he did not just walk into the club… a lucky hunter culled him with a hakapik.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I’m going to tell that joke to everyone I know!

It’s enough that we have to fend off the Americans from invading Canada, but every year that darn seal population keeps swelling to epic proportions.

If we didn’t cull them as we do we’d have enemies advancing on us from all sides.

I hope this buys some time for the beleaguered seal forces, that they use this time to bring up additional reserves to launch a blistering counter-attack, envelopment thru left-flank schwerpunkt.


The seal “hunt” /cull…is nothing but a government “make work” project and vote buying ploy.

It is an international disgrace.

I’m with the seal cuz they’re cute and cuddly. Cows and pigs on the other hand are pretty damned ugly, so it’s ok to eat them. Eat the ugly, that’s my motto.