Canadian Trade Office in Taipei can translate & notarize?

It takes 10 business days for them to return an email query re: if they can translate and notarize my marriage certificate to a Taiwanese man (in 2000, in Canada), as well as the birth certificates of both my children (2004, 2007, both in Canada).
Can anyone tell me if CTOT can do this? or do I need to mail the documents to TECO in Vancouver? that will take about 10 business days, and I know they can do it for sure. However, I’d like it done sooner (of course). It would be nice if I could just take my documents on a 3 hours trip to Taipei and have it all done in a day.

I’m applying for an ARC for my spouse and children. Mine is already well underway. My sponsor/work is in a hurry to get it done because she is 39 weeks pregnant!

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you are trying to get ARC, then I believe the marriage/birth certificates have to be notarized by TECO. CTOT does some notarization and they might even tell you that they can do it, but since you are applying for ARC then it is up to Taiwan Immigration authorities whether the notarization is legitimate, and I believe that they require notarization from their own office.

If you need to get something notarized for Canadian immigration purposes on the other hand, then you can contact CTOT or one of the Canadian lawyers in Taipei (I know there a Canadian lawyer at of the immigration companies called Westlead (華城). Lawyers will probably respond to you a lot quicker than CTOT and I believe they charge about the same amount for notarization.

Hope it helps…

Thank you!
I thought might be the case. We sent our documents back to TECO in Vancouver since it was faster than getting a reply from Taipei, lol. It was actually harder to get a bank draft for $50Cdn, due to needing 2 pieces of Taiwanese ID, than finding a local post office.

Here’s an interesting side note; it cost about $9Cdn to send to Vancouver, but TECO needs $50 to sent it back to us. Another great reason to live in Taiwan!