Canadians got married in US and want to get divorce in Taiwan


Me and my husband are both Canadians and we got married in the States. We both have ARC and reside in Taiwan for 4 years until last year I decided to separate and moved back to Canada.
We never registered our marriage in Taiwan and due to residency requirement in Canada that we can only file for divorce in the country either one or both of us reside. We have no children and we have already signed the separation agreement. If this is the case, can I still file for divorce in Taiwan?


Not sure, but also check if your divorce in Taiwan will be binding in Canada?


:thinking: didn’t you just answer your own query as you reside in Canada now?


Already did, as long as the divorce is filed where we reside and it’s legally filed in Taiwan, then it is recognised in Canada.


I will need one year residency requirement in Canada to be eligible to file for divorce, but since Taiwan is already the residency place, I was advised by my lawyer to get divorce in Taiwan instead.


Far as I know in order to divorce in Taiwan and as long as both of you are in agreement, you still need to be physically present at the local registrar office (same building as the local police precinct in most cases I believe) together with two witnesses and fill in a simple form. The clerk (no judge needed unless the divorce is contested by one party) will check your id (passport as well ) and ask you personally if you want to divorce. If both say yes. she accepts your paperwork and you are divorced. However, best to double check as I am no lawyer, just speaking from personal experience.

WE were married and divorced in Taiwan so the US govt ( I am a US citizen and the ROC govt acknowledged the divorce).