Canadians: Government wants your input

For those of you who’ve complained about not having any input between elections, the feds are soliciting input for the up coming budget.

My input, for what it’s worth:

[quote]Dear Sirs:

With regards to Key Consultation Issue #2, further reduction in taxation - where should the government spend less?

As you are aware, the Chretien administration established a number of private foundations for the disbursment of government funds. As these foundations are private, they are beyond the scrutiny of public access to information, the auditor general, and parliament.

It has been reported in the media over the years that billions of dollars have been transfered to these foundations without any knowledge of how this money has been disbursed. If the federal government is sincerely interested in reducing taxation, or increasing spending, may I suggest you open the books and shed some light on these financial black holes?

Thank you for your attention in this matter.[/quote]