Canadians Help! Criminal Record Questions

I’m planning to marry a Taiwanese woman in the next couple months, but the JFRV is proving to be, well, less than fun…

I’m told by the Can. Embassy that I need to have my fingerprints sent to Ottawa (which can take up to 180 days)…too long to wait for the visa.

I contacted two RCMP offices and they both told me that if I was there in person they could do it on the spot…or within a couple days (assuming I don’t need to have the fingerprints sent away)

Does anyone know if the TW Gov’t requires the fingerprint form, or would a simple namecheck at the RCMP office be sufficient?

Thanks to anyone who replies to this question!

I just went through this (got mine last week Sept 20th 2008). I spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the documents from the RCMP quicker. There’s no good news. The Taiwan embassy will accept ANY check from the RCMP, but there is no “simple name check” from overseas.

The RCMP will only do the fingerprint 6 months check if you are doing it by mail.

If you fly there it takes 5 minutes. And it’s just some fat RCMP secretary who looks at a computer screen and then checks a box on a very normal looking piece of paper (be a piece of cake to forge it).

Because we are Canadian we are cursed with this. Most Americans can get a criminal check in 2 weeks. My Nigerian friend took 1 week. But we are Canadian…so it’s fly back and get it…or wait the 4-6 months.

That one piece of fucking paper cost me about 100k to get. I tried all other avenues…I even have a close family friend in the RCMP who we contacted…there’s no other way.

There is a general (no fingerprints) record check, which to the best of my knowledge is still accepted by ROC authorities, as long as it is validated by ROC trade office in Canada.

Sigh…I just had this done. I asked multiple times about any “other” checks…including non-fingerprint checks, basic checks, lesser checks…etc. I used many different types of wordings with different RCMP staff and the answer was always the same. I also had my friends in Canada contact them multiple times. As well as talking with my friend who is in the RCMP.

From overseas…you can only get the 6 month fingerprint check. If there were another way than I probably would have found it in my weeks of talking with them and the TECO office. If you show up in person…they don’t need your finger prints (maybe that’s what you mean) and it takes 5 minutes.

anything by Puff Daddy and Tupac count as criminal records, don’t they?

Thanks guys…

This be beuraucratic BS is annoying!

So my options:

  1. Wait six months for some fat, gov’t official paper-pusher in Ottawa to sign a piece of paper


  1. Fly home, wait 5 minutes for some fat, RCMP official paper-pushing cow to sign a piece of paper…

I’m glad I don’t have a criminal record!

Thanks again guys :thumbsup: