Cancel Culture Victims

Prolly because you can’t say it anywhere else out loud

It’s true, people who clearly haven’t done their reading and thinking as much as I have cannot compute, and when the smoke starts coming out of their ears they lash out with knee-jerk accusations of racism etc. I’d quote some examples for you, but was asked to stop that.

Multiple choice, please.

By all means, bring em’!

I respect @tempogain and his requests much more than you and yours

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That’s wise of you, because let me remind you of this quote:

You wouldn’t listen to this person because he is black, and a pastor. (Kind of like Martin Luther King. He was black, and a Christian Minister).

Good night, TT. That should put all the talk about ‘accusations’ to bed.

According to the article, feminists who believe there are biological differences between men and women are:
  • Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs); burn them
  • Perfectly reasonable people (and probably correct)
  • Self-censoring because the illiberal left is dangerous
  • Much better looking than the feminists with short hair and cut-off sleeves
  • None of the above

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(I took a masters course on assessment, btw)

How did I do?

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He knows his tanks.


Yep, exactly. As can be seen, that’s pretty much all they have.


thanks, i just spat out my water

Well, I know how to look for tanks on the internet.

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Except there’s no “they”.

Whatever, your post speaks for itself.

Good thing you’re not a mod (for now). :open_mouth:

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As does yours, sir.


I certainly hope so.


I’m enjoying this conversation of oblique references immensely by the way.

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