Cancel Culture Victims

It would be icky to have to defend him with anything other than shouting,“RACIST!!”?

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You didn’t have to look for it in that. It’s a big flashing neon sign. How do you interpret that?

I was going to say something, but that’s a far better response.

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I do more reading than you, and all you do is dodge and deflect. Give it a rest. You can’t answer a question, it’s pitiful.

I’ve really enjoyed your contributions to the books thread! Also, what did you think of that Bari Weiss article? Shall I write more questions to see if you’re truthful about reading it? I can’t take your word anymore, I’m afraid it is worthless to me.

Show me a non racist interpretation of what he said.

Any of youse, go ahead and interpret this in a way that is favorable. I’m listening.

Uhh, I read it, and that’s exactly what happened, so what are you talking about?

How should I interpret this, then?

Depends how thirsty you are?

Sam Harris has complained about how the far left take the worst possible interpretation of what people say and then run with it (cf. Cathy Newman).

I appreciate that y’all would stick up for me, but @McNulty isn’t worth the time. I’ve been harping about credibility for weeks now and regardless of how much I have in the eyes of my fellow Formosans, anyone who thinks @McNUlty has more isn’t worth my time either.

I’m all ears, yo. How should I interpret this. I mean how is this not discriminating by race and religion, explain please:

Also ‘Amen brother Amen’ seems mocking. Did I get that wrong as well?

Probably better
To debate one’s ideas
Than mention their skin

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It’s not racism
If it’s casual wink wink
what is ‘woke’ code for?

If you go back to the conversation, I believe I quoted some things the guy said. You’re lacking context, maybe you missed a few weeks for some reason?

Even if it’s not
Bringing it up does not help
If one wants real ears

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the best they can do
A far left they can’t define
Whine about PC

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Try telling the preacher.

Is the insinuation that a black preacher cannot be impartial? That’s how that comment reads to me. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

There’s no point. We’ve been having the same basic conversation for a month. If these two think I’m a racist, I can deal with that. There is no rational discussion to be had here.

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As usual @McNulty making more noise than everyone else put together, did you read the Weiss article @McNulty ? What was your take on it?