Cancel Culture Victims

It was the one posted and what people are discussing, if you don’t read the material people are discussing and are weighing in more than everyone else combined you are probably derailing the thread. Do you even have a point you need to bring up or is it just about making the most noise?

Excuse me, I asked a question and you’ve derailed the conversation to some random article I was supposed to have read. I wonder why you’d do that. Can we get back on track? Remember, someone here is claming he’s a victim. If so I’d like to apologize. So let’s look at this comment again:

How should I read this? Please explain if you would. Thanks.

Think of it as an intervention, a room of people politely sharing ideas and one guy is insistent in interjecting on every comment and the moderator tells them to tone it down.

Clear enough?

I believe I’m a part of this group of people politely sharing ideas, and I am sharing them politely.

I’d love an answer to the questions I posed, but not expecting one at this point. The tough ones, people tend to deflect from those.

Good night sir!

I love that I owe you so much nothing it can be measured.

Him telling us to listen to a black pastor tell us that the problem is white people.

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Ok, and what is the objection to that idea? Not the first time it’s been said. (See: MLK).

That sounds like a Morrisey lyric, honestly. Where’s Johnny Marr at? You’re doing good kiddo. Keep it up!

I don’t think I’d want the responsibility and the headache; I would struggle to remain neutral.

There’s no objection to that idea.

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That stinks!


Pepe Le Pew is the mascot/champion of sexual harassment.

It’s not ‘cancel culture run amok,’ as some news outlets and their audiences will tell you,” he says. “This is just the beginning of the conversation.

Heh, heh. I think we are all well-aware now that there is no longer any conversation to be had. What they want cancelled will be cancelled.

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The “conversation” is always one-sided and prone to yell down any dissents.


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I just moved all the stuff about rape to flame, I don’t think most people will be wanting to read all that and perhaps back to the topic of Cancel Culture.


I’m disappointed he apologised.

Nobody apologises when they call someone a racist or a fascist.


Yep- if he believed in what he said, he should have stood by it. The Dixie Chicks could have given this guy a lesson in courage: