Cancel Culture Victims

Yeah and those with high IQ are thrown in prison, this was about the last post by Julian Assange before his internet was cut off.


There’s a lot of really small words in there. Can you TL:DR it for me?

So it seems like it was based on a person as well? Wikipedia doesn’t seem to mention this.

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It does, in the Performers section.

Outrageous! In Tulsa, BLM protestors canceled an entire Trump outdoor rally.

Sadly, the Standard American Diet took its toll.

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She’s still in good shape.

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So, when’s Mt. Rushmore gonna be dynamited/defaced

Well, it looks like we have to cancel Night at the Museum’s depiction of Teddy. Good thing Robin Williams has passed away, otherwise he’d have to be cancelled, too.

But, how about Mizuo Peck, who portrayed Sacagawea? She’s half white and half Japanese. Should she be cancelled for cultural appropriation? Why couldn’t the producers find a real native to play the part?

Oh the humanity!


shes not full white, no harm done.

Hopefully, soon. At least Teddy should be replaced with FDR.
Of course, the statue depicts an Indian and a black man walking alongside Teddy who is on horseback, which I suppose its defenders consider to be the natural order of things

I understand the issues with the statue itself, but I thought Teddy was a bit of a hero with progressives? Or at least he used to be.

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He is, kind of- he established a lot of the national parks, busted up a few trusts. He also set up parks for recreation to develop a healthy white race that he feared was degenerating. He was strongly against Americbeing swamped by the dregs of Europe- Italians, Greeks Ukrainians, Poles etc. Of the lynchings of Italians by a mob in New Orleans he wrote to his sister

Monday we dined at the Camerons; various dago diplomats were present, all much wrought up by the lynching of the Italians in New Orleans. Personally I think it rather a good thing, and said so.

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There won’t be many heroes left pretty soon. Reminds me of Ron Atkinson, for those who are interested in that rather vulgar association football.

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Just some guy who knows some history:

They were always destined to go a statue too far.

No one is safe

Language and thought must change! Hey you said something 20 years ago that is considered passe today, you will never change!